Kottu at Hotel de Pilawoos, Colombo, Sri Lanka.

One of the Sri Lankan dishes I was most intrigued about trying was “Kottu” and as Hotel de Pilawoos is said to serve Colombo’s best I thought this would be the perfect place to try it.

Kottu is made from Roti that have been chopped up on a hot skillet and then essentially stir-fried with anything from chicken, mutton, egg, vegetables or the increasingly popular addition of cheese (think triangles of laughing cow) I decided to try a vegetable and cheese version with egg, finely diced vegetables, curry leaves and chili flakes stir-fried with the chopped up roti, the heat of the dish slowly melting the cheese as I ate. As I had already eaten and was just trying it out of curiosity I only managed a few mouthfuls – suffice to say it is not a dish for the faint hearted or figure conscious! Whilst it may have Muslim origins, kottu is now the go to “drunk” dish for Colombo’s post clubbing crowd, perfect for soaking up all the alcohol and sending you off into a carb induced sleep/food coma. Pilawoos’ Kottus started at 150 rupees (45 THB) for an egg kottu to 450 rupees for mutton and with around a dozen outlets around the city this is definitely a dish to try when visiting Colombo

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  1. What an interesting spin on stir fry! Would never of thought to chop up roti and mix it in! xo

    1. beirutibrit says:

      Not particularly healthy but soooo yummy! Perfect drunk food!

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