Bliss Spa, Street 240, Phnom Penh


After a night of over indulgence at the Gin Jubilee party, I decided that the only solution was to have a massage, and so began to investigate the numerous massage options available, eventually deciding on Bliss Spa owing to its proximity to my hotel, as well as the fact that it is located on what is probably my favourite street in Phnom Penh, Street 240. Continue reading

Il Forno, Street 302 Phnom Penh.


Il Forno in Siem Reap is without a doubt, one of the best Italian restaurants I have eaten in since moving to Asia and so I was not surprised to learn that they were opening a second restaurant in Phnom Penh. Although I can eat at the Siem Reap branch whenever I wish, I was still interested to see the new restaurant when I visited Phnom Penh a few weeks ago, especially when I saw that they sell Aperol Spritz’s! Continue reading

Artillery Cafe, Siem Reap


It is hard to believe that it is 18 months since I visited Phnom Penh, especially since I have actually moved to Cambodia since then, but I guess it is true what they say about time flying when you are having fun! We enjoyed a lot of great food on that trip, but one of my favourite restaurants was Artillery, and so when I heard that they had opened a local branch here in Siem Reap, I was naturally thrilled. Continue reading