Where to Eat in Galle Fort, Galle, Sri Lanka.


Built in 1588 by the Portuguese (although it was the Dutch who occupied the fort from 1649 that built most of the fortifications which remain today) the UNESCO heritage site of Galle Fort is one of South Sri Lankas’ most popular holiday destinations. Whilst we were actually staying in Koggala, some 20km away, we had several very good meals at the Fort, enabling me to put together a selection of the best restaurants to be found there. Continue reading

Galle Market Photos, Sri Lanka.


I know I have already posted Sri Lankan market photos (see link http://wp.me/p2spY3-1Vc ) but when the markets are as good as this – who can really blame me?

We visited the market in Galle as part of our excellent cooking class at Deco on 44 (you can see my blog post from the first time I did the course here http://wp.me/p2spY3-1XL) with Chef Mendis who is a fantastic source of information on all the local produce, from how to source it, to how to use it best. Continue reading

Minneriya National Park Elephant Safari, Sri Lanka.


After spending time in Thailand and being educated on the extremely cruel ways of much of  the animal related tourism, like the Tiger Temple or elephant trekking companies, I am always very wary of doing anything “animal related” on holiday which is why I was initially unsure as to whether or not an Elephant Photo Safari was a good idea. However our local tour guide arranged an excellent safari through the Cinnamon Lodge Habanara who have a strong ecological ethics statement and I was pleased to see that the company we used had been trained by the Born Free Foundation on responsible tourism. Continue reading

Sigiriya, Sri Lanka


One of the highlights of our stay in Kandy was our day trip to the ancient Citadel of Sigiriya, atop a massive rock formation that stands at an impressive 660 feet tall. The Unesco Heritage site was originally home to the royal palace of a 5th century Sinhalese King, King Kasyapa, who had seized the crown of Sri Lanka by force and was so fearful of retribution from the rightful heir to the throne that he moved the capital City to Sigiriya from Anuradhapura as he believed the rocky outcrop to be a more secure location. Continue reading