Sokkhak River Restaurant, Siem Reap.


Sokkak River French fusion restaurant is one of Siem Reaps newer restaurants, having only opened up next to their sister restaurant Chanrey Tree a month or so ago. Named after the Sanskrit word for “Tranquility” the restaurant is an airy mixture of modern and traditional Khmer designs, with a focus on natural light and plenty of lush greenery in the surroundings gardens and atrium, which does indeed give it a tranquil, Zen like atmosphere not dissimilar from that of their Sokkhak Spa on Sok San Road. Continue reading

AHA Wine Bar, Siem Reap.


Whilst Siem Reap has an abundance of back packer bars, in my opinion there is a definite shortage of high end options if you want to sit back and relax over a well made cocktail or nice bottle of wine, unless you want to visit one of the big hotel bars or somewhere like Miss Wong’s. Thankfully AHA Wine Bar, in one of the small alleys leading off Pub Street is doing a good job in filling the gap. Continue reading