My favourite Indian Hawker Stall, Kitchener & Verdun Road, Little India, Singapore.

When I was back in Singapore it was a given that we would head to one of our favourite Indian Hawker stalls for lunch. Living in Bangkok, great Indian food is one thing I am definitely missing and whilst I have yet to visit an Indian restaurant here I am keen to start exploring the options now that I’m back. My friend D suggested either heading to Murugans Idli shop or our favourite hawker centre on the corner of Kitchener and Verdun roads with the latter option narrowly winning as it was a) slightly closer and b) had meat options for her fiancé G. I realized for some reason that I had never actually done a post on this particular Indian Hawker stall inspite of the fact I must have eaten there at least 2 times a week for most of my two years in Singapore!

Whilst there are a couple of Chinese options and another Indian stall specializing in Dosai, it is the Indian stall in the far left hand corner when you enter that you should head too. They have a tandoor there and so always have tandoori chicken (which G ordered) as well as a selection of naan including plain (which we took) garlic or stuffed with cheese!

The naan was actually a bit disappointing on this occasion, we had ordered 2 each (and an emergency spare!) and I think they were rushing a bit so a few of the naan were a little underdone at the edges but not so much as to render them inedible or unpleasant so we kept them.

With them we shared a tarka daal (yellow lentil curry), aloo gobi (spiced potato and cauliflower) and a roasted aubergine dish between us as well as G’s chicken. The dishes generally vary from day to day and also the time that you go – I always love their palak paneer (spinach and cubes of Indian cheese) as it is really beautifully spiced as well as the chana masala (chickpea curry) and daal makani (creamy spiced black lentils) along with one of D and my favourite dishes – a baby aubergine curry.

They even had an Indian tofu dish on one occasion which was really interesting to try (and delicious) As is the standard in Hawker centres or food courts there is a separate drinks stall at the front selling juices/kopi and teh and plenty of soft drinks and beers.

Our food came to $16 in total with a round of drinks coming to under $7 which made lunch $11 each – expensive for a hawker centre but we ordered LOADS and it was more than worth it. We were completely stuffed (and very happy) when we finished so decided to have a wander around the nearby streets and digest before making our way to Le Petit Prince Café on Somme Road for espressos -more on that coming soon!

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