Penang, Art Trail.

One of my favourite things about Penang was the “art” trail. I had stopped in at the Tourist office on my first afternoon and picked up an art map, detailing all the murals around Penang as well as the historically related wrought metal scultures on the walls of the old city.

Penang National Museum, Penang

I have to be honest, I really wasn’t expecting much from the “National Museum of Penang” but I take that all back and say it is a great museum, full of interesting artefacts and information, well worth a visit!

Teksen Restaurant, Penang

When researching where I should eat in Penang, The ever helpful and its founder Robyn Eckhardt had recommended Teksen in Chinatown for dinner and as it was located less than a 10 minute walk from my hotel it seemed like the perfect place to try on my first night in Penang (which was lucky…