Gaggan Progressive Indian Cuisine, Soi Lang Suan, Bangkok.

One of the restaurants I was most excited about visiting when I moved to Bangkok was “Gaggans” an innovative Indian restaurant helmed by Chef Gaggan Anand who is notable for being the first Indian Chef to have interned at El Bulli, Ferran Adrias temple to molecular gastronomy in Spain.

Chilli CultureThai Kitchen, Soi 11, Bangkok

I had friends visiting from the UK last month and got to meet their amazing daughter (who was born less than a week after my last trip back to the UK) for the first time. It’s safe to say that navigating Bangkok with an almost 2 year old is not something I am used to…

Oskars, Soi 11, Bangkok.

I seem to have explored Soi 11 pretty thoroughly so far, and having made several visits to Oskars bistro both for drinks and for dinner it is about time I wrote a little about it.