Everything you need to know about flying into the UK from Yangon in 2021 – GUEST POST

Huge thanks to Argus Tuft for this helpful guide on flying back to the UK from Myanmar, I’m trying to summon up the energy to write about my experience but hopefully this will help in the meantime.

“When travelling out of Yangon airport I recommend that all documents be printed out in hard copy – this is preferred by airline staff, makes check-in faster, and will give you a smoother journey, especially for transit airports.

If you cannot make print-outs, then please ensure that the necessary documents are saved offline on your device (by either downloading or taking a screenshot)
For check-in, when arriving at the counter, have the following ready to present to airline staff:

  1. Flight itinerary with confirmed booking. This needs to show your full name (matching the name in your passport), your PNR (Booking reference for any airline flight, a 6 character code of letters and numbers), your flight numbers and departure and arrival information with times.
  2. Your PLF – Passenger Locator Form – provided online by the UK Government. It can be initially filled out after you book your flights, but it can only be completed within 48 hours of your initial flight departure time from Yangon. Links and details below.
  3. Proof of either of the following: A negative Covid test, or a Covid test waiver letter from the UK Consulate section. Since late February, the UK Government has agreed that a Covid test is not required for passengers travelling from Myanmar to the United Kingdom due to the current situation in Myanmar. However, this exemption is regularly reviewed and subject to change. You should check the Travel Advice for updates. Details below
  4. Proof of eligibility to enter the United Kingdom. This will be a current and valid UK passport/an ETD issued by the UK/a valid entry visa for the UK
  5. Proof of the pre-booking of the Covid Test Kit from an approved provider in the United Kingdom, with the Locator Form Reference (eg LATUS0001234) entered into the PLF form.
  6. SIA now require all passengers to wear a face shield or goggles (with the mask). You should bring these with you as they are not supplied at the airport.
    The Passenger Locator Form (PLF):
    Apply for this here – https://provide-journey-contact- details.homeoffice.gov.uk/passengerLocatorFormUserAccountHolderQuestion

The PLF cannot be submitted until 48 hours before your scheduled arrival time into the UK.
You can set up the account and start to fill out most details before traveling – I recommend doing this at the same time as booking your flights. The remainder can be completed as below.

The final submission can only be done within the 48 hour period. Check your flight schedule carefully, and keep in mind that the UK is currently on Daylight Savings Time which means that your UK arrival time is 5.5 hours ahead of Myanmar Time. Accessing the PLF website requires a One-Time-Password (OTP) by SMS. (important if someone else outside Myanmar is completing the form for you in the 48 hour window)
A separate PLF must be completed for each individual passenger.

The Covid test waiver letter from the UK Consulate:
Given the current situation here in Myanmar, the UK Embassy has been able to get a temporary waiver from the Department of Transport that a Covid test is no longer necessary for people travelling to the UK from Myanmar. This is through a Covid Test waiver letter which can be requested via email.

To apply, send an email to mailto:Yangon.Consular@fcdo.gov.uk Or mailto:Yangon.Consular@fco.gov.uk
Subject line: Covid Test Waiver letter request (not applicable for all countries – check for your route!)
Please give the following information in the email – do not attach your bookings or flight tickets or passport data page
• Name
• Passport Number
• Date of Travel
• Flight numbers
Visa Waiver letter:

Since the VAC has reopened you can no longer apply for a visa waiver – you must apply for a visa
Covid Tests required on arrival in the UK for self quarantine:
A pre-booked test kit must be ordered and paid for online before travel – the provider will send a package to your registered arrival address in the UK with test kits for Day 2 and Day 8 which must be self- tested at home/quarantine location, and then sent back to them.
You must pre-book these test kits online, and I would recommend this be done at the same time as booking flights – do not wait until your departure date.

Approved providers can be found and booked here: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/providers-of-day-2- and-day-8-coronavirus-testing-for-international-arrivals

Safe Travels – @Argus Tuft”

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