Wai Wai’s Noodle Place (Downtown) Bo Aung Kyaw Yangon

With the traffic as bad as it can be in Yangon, it’s very common for people to stick to their neighbourhoods when choosing where to eat or drink and I very rarely head to places like Sanchaung for example, even though it is home to restaurants, like Wai Wai’s, that I really enjoy eating at.

Thankfully my prayers were answered with the recent opening of Wai Wai’s Downtown and over the past few months I have eaten there on several occasions, specifically to enjoy their delicious, and great value, vegetarian dishes (although there are plenty of meaty options to enjoy as well)

Here are a selection of the dishes I have eaten there over the past couple of months

All of the salads I have tried there have been excellent, but the tomato & avocado is definitely my favourite. The dressing is a typical peanut based Shan dressing, I like to add a good squeeze of lime, dried chilli and the picked chilli vinegar to balance it out for my tastebuds. The tea leaf salad is also well worth trying.

Wai Wais has always been famous for their Shan noodles and whilst vegetarian Shan noodles are not my favourite (for me, pork is definitely the way to go here!) I really enjoyed the dry vegetarian Shan noodles I had there, as well as the chayote leaf stir-fry and simple fried tofu.

My favourite dish however, and the one I go back for time and time again is the peppery butterbean curry, a lesson in simplicity but oh so delicious. This and a tomato avocado salad has become my standard go-to order – for less than $5 (6,700 ks) for a healthy, filling and flavour packed lunch.

Wai Wais has a license so you can enjoy a beer or glass of wine, as well as a long list of fresh juices and soft drinks. Seating is split over two floors, downstairs at regular restaurant tables, or upstairs at low tables and cushions on the floor which I far prefer (just be careful not to smack your head on the low metal beam – it really hurts!!)

Wai Wai’s Downtown  (Google Map)

Open Daily 11am-10pm (last orders 9:30pm)

301 Bo Aung Kyaw St, Middle Block, Kyauktada Township

Tel: 09 42115 0524

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Amy M says:

    Looks delish. My local $5 meal would be Wetherspoons, so definitely prefer your choice haha.

    1. beirutibrit says:

      Staggers me how cheap the ‘spoons can be!

    2. NayNay says:

      You must visit Asia. Food’s so cheap and delicious. I can’t believe I paid £3 for yogurt at Pret A Manger today lol

      1. beirutibrit says:

        Yes I have lived in Asia for nearly a decade – that Pret yoghurt sounds depressing!!!

  2. NayNay says:

    Yummmmy ❤

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