Chilli Pan Mee, Restoran Kin Kin, Kuala Lumpur

Can I tell you another secret? I had never even heard of Pan Mee before I started researching my Kl trip, and now, its definitely one of my favourite noodle dishes!

Pan Mee (板面) is a Hakka noodle dish that is very popular in Malaysia (particularly in the southern and central parts of Malaysia as that is where a lot of Hakka people settled when they immigrated from China)

Restoran Kin Kin developed this classic dish further when they launched their Chilli Pan Mee some 20 years ago. Whilst originally a soup noodle dish, Restoran Kin Kin serve their Chilli Pan Mee dry, with potato leaf broth on the side. They make all their own ingredients, from the broth to the wheat noodles, chilli sambal and fried anchovies. They then add in minced pork, mushrooms & crispy fried onions and serve it topped with a poached egg, that you stir into the noodles, along with dry chilli or sambal.

The noodles had a great bite to them, lovely and firm and I loved how the soft egg  helped to combine all the ingredients together. It was wonderfully rich in umami from the mushrooms and anchovy, and the chilli sambal was absolutely excellent – I added more than was probably necessary as it was just so delicious!


Chilli Pan Mee might not be the most attractive noodle dish, but then so many of the greats aren’t (Mohinga anyone?!) but what it lacks in appearance, it MORE than makes up for in taste. I know that there a million great things to eat in KL but I would wholeheartedly recommend checking Restoran Kin Kin out!

Expect to pay around 10 RMB ($2.50) for noodles and a drink.

40, Jalan Dewan Sultan Sulaiman, Kampung Baru, 50300 Kuala Lumpur

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Friday 7AM–6:30PM
Saturday 7AM–6:30PM
Sunday 7AM–6:30PM
Monday 7AM–6:30PM
Tuesday 7AM–6:30PM
Wednesday 7AM–6:30PM
Thursday 7AM–6:30PM

Phone: +60 10-220 4322

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