Bamboo Hut, Nyaung Shwe, Shan State, Myanmar.

I was lucky enough to be invited, along with a couple of work colleagues up to the Ayethaya vineyards in Shan State for their first annual wine festival, and so decided to head up the day before in order to relax and enjoy some delicious Shan food.

My first (and only!) port of call for advice on where to eat, was the wonderful Yin Myo Su, the managing director of the Inle Princess Group, and founder of Inthar Heritage House and the Inle Heritage Foundation. “Misuu” as she is known was raised on Inle lake and her passion and commitment to the region knows no bounds.

First on my list was the pretty Bamboo Hut restaurant in Nyaung Shwe and I hopped in a car to go there straight from the airport, suitcase in tow, I was THAT keen!

The menu specialises in local “Inthar” (a regional, ethnic group/tribe who live on and around Inle Lake) and Shan cuisine, with all of the ingredients being sourced locally.

As we were just heading into Avocado season, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to order an avocado salad to start (2,000 mmk or $1.30) which came accompanied by local Shan rice crackers. I love the simplicity of Burmese avocado salads, just a bit of lime, tomato and a huge serving (probably 2) of ripe avocados.

Next, I was served a complimentary rice and bean soup which was a new dish for me, and one I enjoyed for its simple, clean flavours.


Being so close to the lake, I really had to order Fish for my main course, and did so in the form of “Home Style” Fish Curry with Green Chilli (4,000 mmk or $2.60) which came served with steamed white rice, wrapped in a banana leaf. I love Burmese curries and this was great! Lovely fresh, firm white fish, fiery green chillis and raw tomato that had been thrown in at the last minute to release the flavours.

With 2 cocktails, my meal came to 12,000 mmk ($7.80) and I began to realise that this was going to be a far cheaper weekend than expected! I loved the Bamboo Hut, it really is like going to someones house and sitting outside on their patio to enjoy a delicious Shan feast, If you are staying anywhere near Nyaung Shwe, I wholeheartedly  recommend making a diversion to eat, or do a cookery class at the Bamboo Hut.

Bamboo Hut 

War Taw Village, Nyaung Shwe,


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  1. doodlemarti says:

    I’ve been there too during my travel in Myanmar last year, and I really enjoyed my meal! I remember avocado salad…it was delicious..and the view is amazing. Great place, good kitchen, cheap prices…what else?! 😉

    1. beirutibrit says:

      ahhh thanks for commenting! ye soot is perfect isn’t it?

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