Cantina Y Punto, La Chapinero, Bogotá, Colombia.

I had been so impressed with the quality of food at Gringo Cantina that I was delighted when Judi and Colin suggested lunch at another Mexican restaurant, not far from their house, called Cantina y Punto

Described as;


Cantina Y Punto is certainly a much more sophisticated looking bar and restaurant than Gringo Cantina, and their menu is totally different, with dishes such as Aguachile & Ceviche, Antojitos (think small snacks of popcorn lobster, flauatas & elotes) various interpretations of Queso Fundido, and a nice selection of mains (such as 12 hour cooked pork knuckle in spices) as well as an interesting selection of Tacos.

(interior photos)

We started with the special Cantina Y Punto Guacamole ($4 USD), made with avocado, tomatillo, peanuts, pico de gallo and mango (!) which inspite of my initial misgivings was really excellent, we enjoyed it so much we were tempted to order another one!


Next came the “Ceviche de Pulpo y Pescado” ($8.50) an octopus and fish ceviche with tomatillo and chilli salsa, chilli oil, green onions, cucumber, corinder and salsa verde and Queso Fundido with Chorizo Rojo ($6) which was served in a sizzling skillet with corn tortillas

This was followed by Doraditos de Huitlocoche ($7.50)  little purple corn pockets filled with huitlacoche (a type of fungus that grows on corn) and cheese, and what turned out to be my star dish of the day, “Pulpo a Las Brasas” ($8.50) Octopus slow cooked over coals in a 3 chilli marinade and served with esquites sauce, roasted tomatoes and sweet potato.

Our final dishes were “Cochito confitado” ($11.50)  Slow cooked confit pork with tomatillo, fresh cheese, avocado and herb salsa, served with excellent freshly made corn tortillas, and “Tacos de Cochinita de Pibil” ($7.50 for 2) Slow cooked spiced pork with pickled onions and “X’nipec” otherwise known as dogs nose salsa as it is so hot (it contains habaneros) that it will make you sweat like a dogs wet nose!!!

Whilst they had an excellent cocktail menu (around $8.25 each) I decided to stick with cheladas (beer served in a salt rimmed glass, over ice, with fresh lime juice) with the local Club Colmbia lager that I had become quite fond of during my stay (you can’t drink fancy craft beers all the time!)

Cantina y Punto was another excellent meal and “Pulpo a las Brasas” was definitely one of the best things I ate all trip, another sure fire hit if you are in Bogotá & craving Mexican food.

Opening Hours
Monday –  Saturday 12-10pm
Sundays and Public Holidays  12-6pm

Calle 66 No. 4A-33 — Bogotá
Google Maps 

644 77 66




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