Craft Beer Crawl, Bogotá, Colombia

I don’t know many people who enjoy a beer more than Colin & Judi (oh alright, and me too – sorry Dad!) and after checking out a few (read, emptying their fridge!) local beers, I was interested to try more (all in the name of research you understand!) and we decided to dedicate an afternoon to exploring a few of Bogota’s Craft Breweries.

If you are really serious about your beer, you can book Craft Beer tours but I found our “self guided” bar crawl more than enough. There are plenty of bars to explore in addition to the 3 we visited (a quick google of “craft beer bars” + “Bogota” offers dozens of craft beer bars) the staff in the bars are so knowledgable and Uber (whilst “technically” illegal) is an extremely easy and safe way of making your way around the City.

Cerveceria Statua Rota 

Statua Rota is an artisanal brewery, dedicated to “challenging the paradigms of beer culture” which is owned by the renowned Colombian artist Alejandro Torres and his brother Misaac, who decided to open the brewery after a chance meeting with a Belgian beer enthusiast. Located in an old house in an up and coming part of Chapinero (read, used to be pretty dodgy but is rapidly undergoing gentrification) the bar is decked out in attractive an dunce wooden furniture made by the brothers themselves which lend to its unique feeling.


In addition to house signatures Lymantria &  Datura they offer an additional 3 rotating beers on draft, when we visited they were AK-47, Agua Bendita & Piernas del Fuego.


 Lymantria (5.2%) is a light and invigorating Witbier with fruity aromas of lulo (a South American citrus fruit that taste like a cross between rhubarb and lime) and grapefruit peel.

Datura (8.5%) is an unfiltered American style ale made with ginger & honey with a rich, malty flavour and attractive golden colour.

AK-47 (9%) is a Russian Imperial Stout made in the style of the Imperial Russian court. It has a high level of toasted malt and hops, leading to wonderful bitter chocolate flavours – like a meal in a glass!

Agua Bendita (5%) A Pilsner style lager that was sadly sold out when we visited, is said to be light and easy drinking (as one would expect from a Pilsner) and suitable for drinking in just a few sips!

Piernas Del Fuego (8%) is a Double Red IPA made using hibiscus and chilli, which help give it its  beautiful reddy colour. Again, as one would expect form a double IPA, the hops predominate and it is a reinvigorating beer that packs a spicy punch.


Beers are available to sample on arrival and the bartenders talk you through their offering before you make your choice. The beers (depending on the type) are served in Cups (350mls) Pots (330mls) and Pints (500mls) and range in price from $3.50-$5.50. Non beer drinkers can choose from a decent selection of spits and cocktails (ranging from $7.50-$9) and they have a decent food menu (burgers and bar snacks) with nothing costing more than $10

 Tierra Santa Cervecería Artesanal 

Located above the Chantonner Delikatessen in Quinta Camacho, Tierra Santa was the perfect place to while away a rainy Bogotan afternoon. They list 5 house beers in addition to 2 rotating “Invitation” beers, and a small, but thoughtful selection of imported beers (Delirium, Chimay etc) alongside an attractive menu of sandwiches and burgers priced from around $4 up. I loved the fact that they had a selection of games available for guests to borrow, and we had a few *pretty intense*  rounds of Jenga while we drank!


Patrimonio (5%) A medium bodied Golden Ale with notes of citrus and sweet malt.

Emblema (5.6%) A medium bodied stout with lots of toasted malt and nitro (making it officially a Coffee Nitro Stout)n with hints of chocolate and orange zest.

Generacion (5.8%) A medium bodied Irish Red Ale with toasted malt, and hoppy notes of caramel.

Legado (6.3%) A lovely medium bodied IPA with plenty of hops and notes of pineapple and citrus.

Herencia (8%) A medium bodied (but punchy) Belgian White Dipa with notes of citrus and tropical fruits.


I chose one of the tasting flights (offered as 4 x 175 ml beers for $5.50 USD) and received the first 4 beers listed above, with the Generacion and Legado being my favourites. Beers are sold as Cups, Pints and Pitchers (depending on the type of beer) and range in price from $2.50 to $15.

Madriguera Brewing Company 

Madriguera Brewing company was established, by a group of friends, in 2015 with the goal of producing the best beers and ciders in Colombia.

When I visited they were offering 5 house beers (mentioned below), 3 specials and one cider;

Oso Sempiterano (4.5%) An oatmeal pale ale in the style of an American Golden Ale with citrus and floral notes.

Rey Mapache (4.5%) A well balanced, light American Golden Ale with notes of sweet malt.

Suricata Rampante (5.8%) A full bodied, smooth, New England style hazy IPA with intense fruit aromas.

Conde Cortes (5%) In the style of an Indian Session Ale, Conde Cortes is a lighter style, medium dry IPA, with aromatic hops

Liebre Rebelde (6.2%) A medium bodied, dry, low acidity New World Cider, with lots of sweet apple flavours. This was great to refresh my palate after an afternoon drinking beer!

Beers were offered by Glass (296ml) Pint (475ml) and Pitcher (1.7 litres) and ranged from $2.60 to $15. They also have a strong food offerings and we really enjoyed the BBQ Chicharron we shared as a pre dinner snack. You can also pre book tours of their brewery, details of how to book can be found on their website (sorry for the lack of beer photos – as you can probably imagine, the photos from this stage in the afternoon are mostly stupid selfies !!)


I really enjoyed our afternoon of beer tasting (naturally!) and was impressed with just how many other craft breweries there are in Bogota.

Have you visited a Craft Beer Bar in Bogota? Where did you go? What was your favourite beer? Let me know in the comments!





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