“Mercado de las Pulgas”, Sunday Flea Market, Usaquén, Bogotá, Colombia

One of  the favourite things that I did in Bogotá was the Sunday “Flea Market” or “Mercado de las Pulgas ” in Usaquén.

I loved the vast array of different arts and crafts, including  traditional weavings, leatherwork, wood work and art on display, not to mention all the delicious food stalls, with many of the vendors being more than happy for you to try before you buy!


I bought some of these beautiful woven bowls, a painted lime squeezer (always a must in our house!) a cat toy for Ziggy (the first he hasn’t been able to destroy!) and plenty of other goodies that are headed back to the UK with me as presents for my family in the summer!

I also loved the traditional Argentinian Empanadas from the stall pictured below, we tried a few between us, but my favourite was definitely the Chorizo, Bacon & Peach (such great flavour combinations!)


Timing wise, in researching  this I saw everything from 8am-6pm//10am-5pm and 11am-4pm so make of that what you will!

I’d suggest being there around 11am before t gets to busy and then popping up to the rooftop at the BOHO food market for cocktails and snacks (as pictured above) which is exactly what we did (BOHO opens at 12 noon)

 Sunday Flea Market, Usaquén,



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  1. This looks like great fun! And everyone needs a painted lime squeezer in their lives 🙂

  2. I just love markets. I love their feel. They are such a window into a community and culture. And you can usually get some wonderful things to eat!..

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