Street Art, La Candelaria, Bogotá, Colombia.

The historic streets of La Candelaria in Bogotá are a riot of colour thanks to City supported (and often, even sponsored street art) and Bogotá is one of the worlds most street-art-friendly cities, with art works spanning the length of entire blocks, or on the side of multi story buildings, as well as smaller, unique artworks.

Whilst street art tours (a round up of the  best tours can be found here) are available, we decided to tour a more informal, self guided, tour with the help of our wonderful friends, Judi & Colin, who moved to Bogotá from Yangon last year. We free-styled it and sadly I have no idea which streets we walked down, but you can find a good self guided tour here .

Street Artists from across the world can be seen side by side with local talent, with some of my favourites being the works of Bogotá natives Stinkfish & the Toxicomano Collective as shown in the images directly below



Here is a selection of other street art in the area


I loved the street art in Bogotá, and would highly recommend checking it out when you visit!


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