Yangon Heritage Trust Walking Tour – Seat Of Power – Secretariat & Surrounds.

I recently had a friend visit me in Yangon and decided that booking a walking tour with the Yangon Heritage Trust would be a great way to show her the City.

YHT offer 4 tours at $40 pp;

(Wednesday, Saturday & Sunday – 9AM & 3PM)
Get an insider’s taste of life in Yangon’s vibrant historic downtown.
Beginning at YHT’s office on lower Pansodan Road, the tour passes through leafy Bank Street, lined with fascinating historic buildings. We then visit key sites in the city’s central area, including City Hall, the High Court, and (on Sunday mornings) the Musmeah Yeshua Synagogue while exploring historic residential streets. The tour ends at Bogyoke Market in the morning and on 19th Street, a local nightlife hotspot, in the evening.

* The Synagogue is only open in the morning and closed on Sundays.

(Wednesday, Saturday & Sunday – 9AM & 3PM)
Visit the city’s former administrative core and the grand Secretariat.
This tour starts at the YHT office and covers historic sites in the former commercial and administrative core. We visit a well-preserved residential area in the city’s east, then enter the nationally historic Secretariat where General Aung San was assassinated in 1947, and independence was marked a year later. On the way, try some local tea at a historic teashop.

(Wednesday & Saturday – 9AM)
Visit historic places of worship and learn about Yangon’s amazing cultural diversity.
Since its founding, Yangon has been a city of diversity. Join this tour to explore the busy downtown where all the world’s major religions are observed and people of diverse backgrounds live in harmony. The tour will visit pagodas, mosques, churches, temples and a synagogue. It starts at the YHT office on Pansodan Street and ends at Guangdong Guanyin Temple on Latha Street.

Participants are required to wear respectful clothing. Please visit here for details.

(Sunday – 3PM)
Explore the bustling streets of Latha and learn about Yangon’s Chinese heritage.
After a bus ride from YHT’s offices to Latha Street, this tour will explore Yangon’s Chinatown. With its fascinating sights, many clan associations and temples, this area is a unique melting pot of cultures, where Chinese immigrants became part of Myanmar during colonial times. The tour ends at 19th Street, a local nightlife hotspot.

I booked us in on the “Seat of Power’ as this includes the opportunity to visit the Secretariat, one of Yangon’s most important sights.

Morning tours start at 9am, departing from the YHT building on lower Pansodan, and after an introductory talk, we made our way out to explore the surrounding streets.

I won’t give too much of the tour away, but it centred on a lot of the buildings on lower Pansodan, as well as the beautiful Armenian church on Merchants road, before we made our way into the Secretariat.

Here are some more photos from the tour


Booking can be made via the YHT website  and whilst tours are for up to 18 people, at this time of year you would probably get lucky and have the guide to yourselves like we did!


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