Seiriniken, Meguro-Ko, Tokyo

As mentioned in my earlier post  we had decided to undertake a sort of “Pizza Pilgrimage” in Tokyo, and Seiriniken was top of our list of places to visit (even though we made it to PST first!)

Opened by Japanese chef, Susumu Kakinuma, Siriniken has been operating in Nakameguro for 22 years, in a townhouse, so tall and narrow that their impressive wood burning oven dominates the ground floor of the restaurant, and we were excited to see the master Pizzaiolo at work!

We arrived shortly after opening and were informed we could have our table for an hour, no more, owing to the number of reservations they had that evening, but staff were friendly (even if we were too scared to order the extra pizza that my friend D wanted & that we almost certainly had enough time for) and menus and drinks arrived swiftly to help speed us along.

In true Neapolitan style, Seirinken lists just 2 types of Pizza; a Margherita & a Marinara, both priced at 1,500 yen (approximately $15) as well as a seemingly exhaustive list of antipasto such as olives, grilled mussels, prosciutto and vegetables, (600 – 2,000 Yen) and a small, simple pasta menu (1,400-2,500 Yen)

We decided we should share a plate of broccoli with chilli and garlic whilst we waited for our pizzas (one Margherita and one Marinara) For some reason I decided I didn’t want to try the Margherita, subsequently named one of the best of the trip by D&G!

My Marinara was excellent. Whilst I preferred the saltier crust at PST, the pizza base at Seiriniken was still good, although not as airy as I had been expecting, however the Marinara topping was excellent with chunks of tomato, and plenty of sliced garlic that had almost been confit – delicious!

Inspite of the fact that he trained in Italy, Susumu Kakinuma is adamant that his pizzas aren’t Neapolitan pizzas, rather:

A perfect Tokyo Neapolitan pizza is defined by locally sourced wood burned in a locally sourced oven, an extra punch of salt, and a delicateness of dough that extends to the tip of the fire-seared crust.

I was really impressed with Seirinken, it was easily up there with some of the best pizzas I had in Naples and I would definitely recommend checking them out when you are in Tokyo

2-6-4 Kamimeguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo, +81 03 3714 5160,

(oops – the quote mentioned above is from the EXCELLENT Eater Tokyo article that I reference in the PST piece)

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