Ryoma Yakitori, Yotsuya, Shinjuku, Tokyo

For the last night we were all together in Tokyo, we decided we would check out another yakitori restaurant, and after an unsuccessful start (the first restaurant looked at us foreigners and just point blank refused to let us wait for a table!) stumbled across Ryoma Yakitori on Yotsuya in Shinjuku.

Happily, we received a warm welcome from the team at Ryoma, who might have been surprised at a group of 6 foreigners,. but handled us with good natured acceptance of our poor attempts at Japanese  and big smiles, and I immediately felt at ease.

They had one copy of the menu with photos and a few English words scrubbed in the margin and so we ordered from this, as well as Yakitori we knew the name of (like Tsukune, my friend D’s favourite) as well as taking a gamble and pointing at some random dishes on the menu just to try them out!

Our draft beers were served ice cold, and with impressive speed, and we were given a small piece of tofu with scallions ( I think to make up for the fact they have a $2 cover charge) which we soon doused in soy sauce and togarishi chilli for extra flavour.

We started a bit timidly with Kushiyaki of leek, Tsukune and Tare chicken breast with leek, progressing to chicken with wasabi, pork cheek, and asparagus wrapped in bacon.

We then branched out, ordering more offal (and a really weird un-crispy chicken skin that I did NOT enjoy!) as well as loads more Tsukune, vegetable Kushiyaki and bacon & asparagus (because bacon duh)

Everything was cooked to order, but we were served quickly and we had a great  evening, eating skewers & chatting about our trip over mugs of beer, the local setting really added to the fun too! Expect to spend around $10-$15 with beers

1 Chome-27 Yotsuya, Shinjuku, Tokyo 160-0004, Japan

+81 3-3356-2506

Opening hours

11:30-11:30 Monday – Friday

12-11pm Saturday & Sunday


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  1. Looks good I’m jealous I’m having a salad wrap …. 😭

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