Akomeya, Ginza, Tokyo.

Growing up, rice was something I could very much leave or take, and to this day I will always order naan or roti with a curry over rice. My appreciation for rice has deepened since moving to Asia, and I am now far more experienced in what “good rice” is, and Thai style fried rice with tons of prik nam pla is probably one of my ultimate comfort foods.

It still caused much merriment for my Singaporean friend J, when I geeked out after discovering that there was a restaurant inside a speciality rice & produce shop with a bib gourmand, and she happily agreed to join me for lunch there.

Located just off the main shopping stretch in Ginza, Akomeya is a beautiful culinary boutique filled with high end sauces, dried fish, tofu, sake, crockery, and of course a designated rice counter offering over a dozen different polish levels of rice.

At the back of the shop is a small restaurant, seating no more than 20, where you can enjoy a brief respite from shopping by indulging in their daily changing “Kobachi-Zen” (literally translated this means small plates or appetisers) set of 8 seasonal dishes, all made with ingredients from their boutique, with rice, pickles and miso soup for around $23 USD per person.

Our menu was Sashimi Bonito with soy sauce, Japanese mustard & green onions, Ground Cauliflower with thickened vegetable broth, “Aburaage” deep fried tofu and boiled pork with yuzu miso paste, Fried Sweet Potato & Chicken caramelised in black vinegar, Steamed Shungiku (Crysanthemum) and Mizuna in black sesame seeds, Blowfish Frito with Japanese Chilli, Peanut Tofu with wasabi gel, and Turnip, Seaweed & Ume salad.


I loved the small servings of everything, not least as we got to try so many dishes! My favourites were probably the ground cauliflower, which was almost like a cauliflower mousse, the peanut tofu, which was surprisingly similar to Shan tofu, as well as the seaweed, turnip & Ume salad which was a wonderful and unusual combination of flavours and the Sashimi bonito, surprising as I am not a fan of tuna at all, but this really was something else! Unsurprisingly, the rice was excellent, slightly sticky and wonderfully glossy, and we stopped off to buy a few bags before we left.

With sake, we paid around $35 per person which was more than reasonable for the amount of effort that went into the presentation, not to mention the impeccably sourced ingredients. I think this was probably one of the most interesting meals I had in Tokyo, and one of my favourites (although it is sooooo hard to pick and choose)

Akomaya Tokyo 

2 Chome-2-6 Ginza, Chūō, Tokyo 104-6601, Japan

Open daily 11am-8pm

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