Torikizoku Yakitori, Akasaka, Tokyo.

I had severely underestimated how hard it would be to find a restaurant capable of seating the 8 of us at the same time, many of the restaurants we visited over our week in Tokyo were extremely small, often seating less than 20 people at a time. We were delighted therefore to stumble across Torikizioku, a cheap, enjoyable and extremely fun Yakitori chain restaurant with outlets across Japan (apparently there are branches within a few minutes walk of most major metro stations in Tokyo) just moments from our hotel in Akasaka.

Torikizoku initially came to fame when they opened for listing everything on their menu at 298 Yen (less than $3) and whilst prices have increased ever so slightly since then (everything was 321 yen, although I believe that included tax and service so maybe prices are still 298 yen?!), it is still easy to eat extremely well for a steal. We paid around $20 USD per person for what seemed like an insane amount of izakaya style dishes and yakitori, as well as multiple whisky hi balls, beers, wine and other alcoholic drinks options per person.

We ordered ย via an electric key pad on the tables, something that made our lives so much easier, not to mention more fun, than some of our other dining experiences on our trip.

We ordered everything from Edamame and a delicious “Pirikara Kyurizuke” (cucumber salad with chilli oil) to a vast selection of yakitori. Our favourites included the Tsukune Tare (chicken meatball) Momo Kizokuyaki Tare (Chicken Thigh and baby leek in Tare sauce) ย Mune Kizokuyaki Shio (salted chicken breast and baby leeks) as well as the Piman Nikuzume (a local Japanese pepper stuffed with chicken and spices) along with skewers of chicken heart & liver for the more adventurous amongst us.

Honestly there was not one poor or even average dish (although I think its safe to say we preferred the skewers to the fried items we tried), everything we ate was delicious, and was served so quickly and efficiently, that we had an extremely fun night and I was sorry we didn’t get to make it back again before we left!

As mentioned, there are branches all over Japan but this is a link to the Akasaka branchย that we visited.

Open daily 5pm- 5am

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