Wyatt & Jones, Broadstairs, Kent.

Returning from London late one night I was greeted by a note from my mum telling me to be up at 8am, ready for an adventure, with no other clues as to what we were doing or where we were going, apart from the fact that I should bring comfortable shoes with me.

My sense of direction is pretty poor to say the least, so it took me longer than it should have done to realise that we were headed towards the coast, specifically to Margate, Botany Bay & Broadstairs in Kent.

After spending the morning exploring, we were more than ready for lunch by the time we arrived in Broadstairs and after a quick google search, we decided to check out Wyatt & Jones, an independent, family run seafood restaurant just a stones throw from the harbour.

With menus changing seasonally, and a focus on using  locally sourced  ingredients (something that extends to their selection of Kentish juices, beers, ciders and wines) Wyatt & Jones is exactly the kind of restaurant you hope to find in seaside towns such as Broadstairs and they are doing a great job (don’t just take my word for it, they are included in both the Michelin Guide and The Good Food Guide)

We started with a couple of bar snacks; Crispy courgettes with aioli (£3.50) and a Smoked Ashmore fritter with quince pickle (£3) The courgettes had been sliced into thin rounds and very lightly battered, whilst the smoked Ashmore fritter was almost like a cheese bhaji. Both were excellent and we enjoyed nibbling them with our pre lunch drinks.

I was really excited to see Slipsole on the menu, I love Dover Sole, but it’s just too big for me to enjoy, not to mention expensive and hard to find over here in Yangon, so I was thrilled that I would be able to enjoy Slipsole whilst I was back in the UK. The Slipsole (priced at £9.25 it was billed as an appetiser, but was perfectly portioned for lunch) was served with samphire, dill and salsa verde, and even though it wasn’t listed on the menu, the kitchen happily made me a side salad to enjoy with it.


Everyone else chose Mussels in white wine sauce, sourdough (£14.50) which came in a lovely cream sauce with both bread for dipping, & a side order of chunky fries (the only slight quibble we had was that we would have preferred skinny chips with them, but then this is a personal thing and not necessarily to everyones tastes.)

I enjoyed a couple of glasses of lovely crisp Portuguese Verdejo (£4.50 a small glass/£6.50 a large glass) with lunch, whilst my dad ordered a good beer from Bristol (so not all the local but close enough ;-)) and lunch for 4 with 2 non drinkers came to less than £100 which seemed more than reasonable for the quality of the produce and cooking. Definitely one to visit if you are in the area & I imagine bookings are usually highly recommended.


Wyatt & Jones

01843 865126
23-27 Harbour Street, Broadstairs, Kent CT10 1EU

Opening Hours

Open every Bank Holiday Monday for breakfast and lunch.

Wednesday/Thursday 9 – 11 // 12 – 3 // 6.30- 9

Friday 9 – 11 // 12 – 3 // 6 – 10

Saturday 9 – 11 // 12 – 10

Sunday 9 – 11 // 12 – 4

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