Three Good Spoons Cookery Class, Yangon.

We recently had a chef friend visiting from Singapore and as she mentioned an interest in learning more about the local dishes, we thought it might be fun to take her on a Myanmar cooking class, as well as eating loads of course 😉

I have followed the Three Good Spoons on social media for a while, and have been impressed with not only their scope of cooking classes, but their social commitment; fees from the cooking classes are used to offer free job skills training, as well as health and hygiene training, to disadvantaged women in Yangon.

As we were a group of 4 we were able to book a private class, thus having our pick of everything from Mohinga set menus (where you learn to cook Mohinga, tea leaf salad, Shan tomato salad & coconut jelly) to Nan Gyi Thohk  (Nan Gyi Thoke chicken noodles, Pennywort salad, Grilled eggplant salad & Sticky sweet rice balls) but it was the Ohn No Khao Swe set menu with Coconut chicken noodle soup, aubergine salad, green bean salad and shwe gym semolina cake, that caught our eye and so we excitedly booked ourselves in at the first available opportunity.

Three Good Spoons is a little tricky to find, however if you look for “Sandys Floral services and Gift Centre” (across from coffee circles) they are just up the stairs to the right hand side, in a lovely airy flat on the second floor.


We started with a welcome cup of tea and an introductory chat from Alison, Bridjit and her team, after which we went to wash our hands, and get stuck into the class!


We started by making the Shwe Gyi semolina cake (as that would take the longest to cook) and I was impressed that chef Kevin quickly ascertained we were pretty surprised by the amount of sugar in the cake (but of course – thats why it tastes so good!) and immediately reduced the quantity with no impact to the deliciousness of the end result!

Next up was the Ohn No Khao Swe, a chicken noodle soup with more than a passing resemblance to the Thai dish of Khao Soi. I was impressed with how quick everything was to prepare (thankfully the chicken stock was bubbling away when we arrived, and Ma Sandar win, their lovely kitchen assistant was there to help with making the fresh coconut milk which made our lives significantly easier!)

Our final dishes were 2 quick and easy salads; a roasted aubergine salad with the simplest fish sauce, sesame oil and lime dressing, and a lovely green bean salad from the Inle region, with sesame seeds, blanched tomato and toasted soy flour.

With the class finished, we all sat down to enjoy the fruits of our labour, and a fine feast it was!

I was very impressed with the organisation of the class, and how speedy, yet thorough it was, fitting into our morning plans nicely, meaning you would have plenty of time to continue your sight seeing in the afternoon after a fun and full morning!

Classes can be booked via their website  or their facebook page

Three Good Spoons
Level 2/102A Dhammazedi Road, Bahan Tsp, Yangon, Myanmar, 11201
M: 09769707175
M: ​09254334763

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