Byblos Pub & Grill, Pearl Road, Yangon.

Having lived in Beirut for 2 years, I was delighted to see that Yangon was getting what I assumed to be a new Lebanese restaurant, in the shape of Byblos Bar & Grill.

Byblos is in fact, much more of the sort of “pub” you find in Beirut, serving both Lebanese and western cuisine, with jovial owners never found far from the bar; a real Hamra or Gemmayzeh style “local” and one of my new favourite places to visit for a drink or a bite to eat when I can drag myself out of downtown Yangon!

Byblos is split into 3 separate rooms, much like a traditional British pub (although thats where the comparison ends) with a no-smoking dining room, a bar, and a pool table, and is decorated with old Burmese movie posters and movie stars, which are always fun to explore in more detail!

In addition to having several local and imported beers on draft, they also list a wide selection of fun and easy drinking cocktails and wines, whilst their menu covers everything from Mezze (the halloumi is my favourite) to some of the better Pizza’s I have found in Yangon.


The staff are also a credit to Byblos; friendly, attentive & with a good command of English, they remembered me after my first visit and made me feel like a regular guest  almost immediately, a rare skill anywhere these days and one I really appreciate.

Expect to pay 4,000-9,000 mmk ($3-$6) for an appetiser (or try their Byblos sharing appetiser platter for 18,000 mmk/$13) with pizzas coming in around 8,500-16,000 mmk  ($6-$11.50) They also offer salads, pastas and grills from 6,000-18,000 mmk ($4-$13) but I haven’t tried any of these, and I have it on good authority that their lunch time steak frites special (a steal at 12,000 mmk/ $9) is well worth a try!

Byblos Pub & Grill

20 Pearl Road (turn left opposite Pearl Condo if you are coming from downtown and it is at the end of the road on the right, in the same complex as Real Fitness)

Open daily 11:30am-23:00

+95 (0) 9798882020

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