Shwe Ya Thar, Shwegondine, Yangon.

Instagram is without a doubt one of my favourite places to find recommendations for local restaurants, and so when I was looking for a breakfast restaurant near the Shwedagon Pagoda, I turned to Ramona (@Ramona_eats) one of my favourite foodies for help.

She came through with a belter of a suggestion, in the form of breakfast at Shwe Ya Thar, just a 5 minute taxi ride from the Pagoda, on Shwegondine.

The restaurant is one of the larger tea shops I’ve visited (they accommodated me and my group of 20 as a walk in with zero issues just last week on my return visit) and is nice and airy owing to the open walls and well spaced tables.

They also have one of the larger menus I’ve seen and I was really spoilt for choice as to what to order, eventually settling on their Oh No Khao Swe, even though it is one of my least favourite dishes, as it came highly recommended by Ramona, with my friend choosing their Mutton Prata.

Inspite of my initial misgivings, I must say the Oh No Khao Swe was very good indeed, well spiced, well garnished and happily not as sweet as some other versions I have tried and once I had added a good squeeze of lime, fish sauce and dried chilli, I enjoyed it very much!

The mutton prata was similarly impressive, not to mention HUGE – it seriously could have fed at least 2-3 of us, although we settled for taking the rest of it home in a doggie bag and eating it later on with our lunch.

On my return visit I tried their Nan Gai Thohk which I also enjoyed very much. The noodles were thinner than in other versions I have tried (you have to go a long way to beat the Rangoon Teahouse or Lucky Seven version in my opinion) and it seemed to be slightly more dry (not as saucy) as others I have tried but it was still packed full of flavours and textures which made it very pleasant indeed.

Expect to spend around 1,500 mmk – 2,000 mmk depending on what you order, or around 4,500 mmk if you have a fresh juice from their extensive juice menu (just remember to ask for it without a straw!)

Shwe Ya Tharย 



Open Daily 6am-9pm

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