A. Wong, Wilton Street, Pimlico, London

Another restaurant I had read a lot about,  or more specifically had seen Instagrammed a lot, was A. Wong in Pimlico and as my friend Amy was catching her train into Victoria station it seemed  like the ideal place to meet her for lunch.

The Dim Sum, for it was that we were there for, is priced per piece at between $1.50 and $6.50 per piece, although most items come in at under $3.50. Whilst some of the dim sum like the Shanghai Soup Dumpling, and the Honey Baked Pork Pastry looked familiar,  there were other dishes like the Sichuanese Chicken & Peanut Bonbon, and the Rabbit & Carrot Glutinous Puff that looked a little more unusual and Amy and I set about narrowing down our choices very carefully indeed

First up were the aforementioned Shanghai Soup Dumplings ($2) and the Yunan Mushroom, Pork & Truffle Dumplings ($3.30) which were swiftly followed by the Pork & Prawn Dumpling with Crackling ($1.50)

The Xiao Long Bao were beautifully plump and carefully pleated, concealing a delicious ginger infused pork broth inside. It’s a dish I’ve eaten an awful lot during my time in Asia, but never one quite as carefully done as this was. The Yunan mushroom, truffle and pork XLB were also delicious, better than the truffle XLB I had at 32 Mott even, but as I’ve said before, XLB really don’t need tarting up with luxury ingredients when the original is just so good! I loved the added crunch from the little piece of pork crackling on the Pork & Prawn Dumpling and its definitely clear how ,much thought goes onto getting each dish just-so.

Next came the Foie Gras, Sticky Sesame Dumpling ($2) and the Honey Baked Pork Pastry ($2.50)

I thought the Sticky Sesame Dumpling with Foie Gras was quite clever, they have always struck me as one of the more boring dim sum however the richness of the foie gras was a great addition and it was a very satisfying little mouthful indeed!

Pork Buns are without a doubt, one of my all time favourites and the A. Wong version was exemplary. Layer upon layer of crisp, feathery pastry encasing a filling of wonderfully sweet, fragrant braised pork. Heavenly!

Next we ordered the Sichuanese Chicken & Peanut Bonbon ($2) that Amy had her eye on, and the  Wild Mushroom & Truffle Steamed Bun ($2.00)

The Wild Mushroom & Truffle Steamed Bun hinted at the kitchens sense of fun and whimsy, being served to look like a mushroom nestled on a bed of grass! The earthy, umami filling was intensely satisfying and was in complete contrast to the sweetness of the previous dish. We are similarly impressed with the Sichaunese Chicken Bonbons which “popped” in your mouth revealing a floral, spicy centre, most surprising but a lot of fun and intensely satisfying.

For our final dishes we went with the waiters suggestion for the Scallop Puff ($2) and I wasn’t going to leave without trying the Rabbit & Carrot Glutinous Puff ($2) that had been flooding my Instagram feed for months!
Truth be told, I’m really not a big scallop fan, but the Scallop Puff was, in fact, delicious. I loved the crunchy pink pastry wrapping and it was an interesting dish to try.

Look how cute the Rabbit & Carrot Glutinous Puff is! I don’t think I have ever tried a rabbit dim sum before, or in fact, any Chinese rabbit dish, but I really enjoyed the chewy texture of the glutinous bun and the gentle spicing of the rabbit which was much more flavourful than I had been expecting.

Is it terrible to admit we only ordered desserts because we knew how beautiful they would be?! Blame Toothbrush Travels 😉 We decided to share the Poached Meringue, Lychee Granite, Mango Puree, Orange Sorbet & Lotus Root and then the Tea Smoked Banana, Nut Crumble, Slow Cooked Pineapple & Chocolate because, well….. chocolate!

Whilst the chocolate was delicious, the unanimous winner was the gorgeous Poached Meringue. The sweetness of the Lychee and Mango was somewhat tempered by the slightly tart orange and the lovely fluffy meringue and it was just so wonderfully refreshing, an excellent end to what had been a truly memorable meal.

A. Wong only serve the dim sum menu at lunch and they book up quite a long way in advance so do book ahead to avoid disappointment – it really is worth it!

A. Wong

70 Wilton Rd, Pimlico, London SW1V 1DE, UK

+44 20 7828 8931

Open Monday 5:30-10:30pm

Tuesday – Saturday 12-2:30/5:30-10:30

Closed Sunday

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