Le Bis Tro Ke, Yawmingyi, Yangon

I always love hearing which restaurants other people in town are currently enjoying, especially as word of mouth is still very much one of the best ways to hear about new restaurant openings, and after one of the best Chefs in Yangon told me his current favourite restaurant was Le Bis Tro Ke I was sure to make time to visit as quickly as possible.

The success of Le Bis Tro Ke is in its simplicity; 8 classic bistro dishes, think Croque Monsieur, Lentil Salad and a whole Baked Mini Camembert, on a menu that changes every 2 weeks, in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.


We started by sharing the Lentil Salad with Poached Egg (5,800 MMK) which was delicious and offered excellent value, it could easily work as a light one course meal and you’d be more than happy with your choice.

I followed with a Vegetarian Croque Monsieur (they also offer a classic Ham & Cheese) made with spinach and béchamel (6,500 MMK) on lovely grain bread with a small salad and a handful of fries, and my friend chose the Pork Tenderloin Encroute (18,200 MMK). 

With house wine at a very reasonable 5,000 MMK a glass, we probably should have ordered a bottle but instead opted to go for several glasses which ultimately pushed the bill up to 70,000 MMK (including 2 Cafe Gourmands which were served with a nice selection of mini cakes, homemade cookies and pannacotta). It is definitely possible to spend far less than that on a meal for two, especially if you visit at lunch where they offer a choice of 2 daily specials & a cafe gourmand for just 9,600 MMK.


Le Bis Tro Ke is a rare example of a Yangon restaurant trying to keep it simple and succeeding and I can see why my Chef friend finds the experience so enjoyable, I’ve already made plans to visit again!

Le Bis Tro Ke

42 Yawmingyi

09 45285 2578

Open Tuesday – Sunday 11:30-14:30/18:30-22:00

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