Taco Tuesdays at Union Bar & Grill, Yangon.

Ever since the closure of Gringos Chilangos and the menu concept change from Mexican to Isaan/Burmese at TinTin, Downtown Yangon has been suffering from a severe shortage of Mexican Food, with the nearest option being Mañana at Pearl Condo, which given the notoriously bad Yangon traffic is simply too far for me to travel for Tacos.

Thankfully Union Bar & Grill (a sister restaurant of TinTin) came to the rescue with the launch of their Taco Tuesday promotion earlier this month meaning that Tacos are once more within easy walking distance of my flat *insert klaxons here* and I have taken every opportunity possible to take advantage of this!


The menu, which is available all day from 11am – 10pm along with their regular menu, offers a short but sweet selection of Tacos (5,000 per 3 pieces) Quesadillas & Burritos (from 8,000) and more, as well as Tequila shots (3,000 each – uh oh!) Margaritas (4,000) and Seasonal Cocktail specials from the new group bar manager Jen Queen, who is herself a certified Mezcalier no less!!

Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 12.57.51

The focus point is a huge street cart filled with all manner of homemade salsas and chilli sauces which you are able to help yourself from over the course of the evening meaning that every mouthful can be different and your chilli cravings will surely be satisfied!


Bookings are highly recommended and can be made by emailing rm@union.com or calling +95 9250355064

Union Bar & Grill

42 The Strand (Left Hand Corner of The Red Cross Building)


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