Mangalam South Indian Restaurant, Yangon.

***Now Closed***

Whenever I am tired or a bit run down, I tend to “self medicate” with spicy food. I have no idea why I find it so comforting, although I have read that spicy food helps increase serotonin and makes you feel better so perhaps that is it! One of my favourite places to get my spice fix is Mangalam, a tiny South Indian restaurant just on the corner of Merchants Road and Bogalayzay, that have happily recently expanded their men to include a few North Indian dishes as well meaning all my curry needs are taken care of!

The menu includes everything from Dosai (very good) to Uttapam (pretty good but not a patch on those I used to eat in Singapore) via Vada, Poori, Idly, as well as a selection of curries and thali. As you would expect from a South Indian restaurant, there is plenty for vegetarians although the Baingan Bhartha on the new North Indian menu is so good my efforts to try all the other dishes have significantly slowed!

My standard order is the baingan bhartha, with a couple of chapati and a Myanmar beer. I have never had a bill higher than 12,000 kyats ($8.80) but it usually comes in at around 8,000 kyats ($5.80) which is great value in my book and I would definitely recommend Mangalam if you are looking for a “restaurant” based curry fix ( I’ll write up some of the more casual local curry options soon) whilst in Yangon



Corner of Bogalayzay and Merchants Rd

Open daily 7am-10pm (* I have never noticed them open before lunch to be honest but this is what the internet tells me so….)


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