Urban Deli Nytorget, Sodermalm, Stockholm

We were keen to leave Gamla Stan to explore some of the other small islands that make up central Stockholm and so walked over to Sodermalm for a morning of shopping and lunch at Urban Deli Nytorget. After walking down through the main shopping area we eventually arrived at Urban Deli on a small side street overlooking a leafy green park. Urban deli was hard to miss, their street side terrace was absolutely heaving with attractive young locals enjoying the summer sunshine over a salad & aperol spritz, and we were lucky to find a table as there weren’t many going spare.

We arrived sometime after 230pm which meant that we couldn’t order from their lunch menu, instead we had to choose from a short, but attractive all day menu of cold items that came from their deli and therefore didn’t necessitate keeping chefs on duty all afternoon, a smart idea I thought!

I started with an Aperol Spritz and some of the wonderful homemade sourdough bread that is complimentary for all diners (along with a small salad bar that we discovered later on further inspection) as we decided what we would eat for lunch

I was really intrigued by the smoked shrimp they had on the menu as I hadn’t heard of smoked shrimp previously & as I had  been so successful with the other seafood dishes I had eaten in Stockholm I thought they would be worth a try.  My father chose one of several listed variations on steak tartar and my sister and mother sharing some cheese and charcuterie.

The smoked shrimp were excellent! I loved the smoky quality but was impressed with how they retained their sweetness at the same time. The steak tartar, burrata and charcuterie were similarly good and all made for a wonderful light lunch. It must be said the quality of everything we had was really excellent, simple, honest flavours with the presentation keeping that understated Swedish style we were beginning to fast recognise & appreciate.

The restaurant, as you may have guessed from the name, is also home to a delicatessen, with the dining area taking up the window seats and terrace and the Deli taking up most of the inside of the building.

I was really impressed with the broad range of products inside, from locally grown produce to boutique sauces, pasta, chocolates, wines, beer and more and I could really imagine it being a key shopping destination for me should I live in Sodermalm.

Sodermalm is a really wonderful area to explore, especially all of the little side streets. I’d recommend taking a relaxed local approach and really take your time to explore properly as you will uncover some little gems; I found all sorts of fantastic little shops selling everything from handmade shoes and leather products to trendy ice cream and chocolate shops, not to mention lots of fun quirky restaurants and bars and had we spent longer in Stockholm, I know I would have spent more time exploring there.

Nytorget 4, 116 40 Stockholm

08-425 500 30






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