Fem Sma Hus, Gamla Stan, Stockholm.

My parents Ruby wedding anniversary coincided with our trip to Stockholm and my father decided we would celebrate at Fem Sma Hus, a beautiful fine dining restaurant that has been operating in a cluster of vaulted cellars under 5 town houses in Gamla Stan since the 17th century.

The menu is described as “Swedish with a French touch” and the seasonal menus included classic appetisers dishes such as “Sill Ost Och Stromming” (145 SEK/$16) assorted herring, Baltic herring & cheese, “Silkaforstoast Decorerad Med Kalixlojromo” (145 SEK/$16)  Toast with smoked reindeer & horseradish with more of the vendace roe from Kalix I had enjoyed at the Flying Elk,  alongside mains like “Renfilet Med Rokt Sidflask, Portvinssas Och Potatis Pure Med Vastenbottenost Fillet of reindeer in port jus with bacon and potato puree and “Vastenottenost” cheese (295 SEK/$33) and “Wallenbergare Med Grona Artor, Skirat Smor Och Lingon” (220 SEK/$25)  Minced fillet of veal with potato puree, peas and lingo berries.

The meal started with a selection of traditional Swedish knäckebröd with cheese, after which I had “Svenska Signalkraftor Med Kryddost Och Vastenbottenost” (235 SEK/$26) 6 Crayfish served in the traditional Swedish way. The “traditional Swedish way” in this case means they are cooked simply, being boiled in water with a bit of crown dill and then served with some local cheese on the side.

I mentioned in my post here just how good the crayfish were. Sweet and succulent, they have a flavour that can best be summed up as clean and pure, something I can only attribute to the beautiful clean waters around Sweden. They really were so good, a true highlight of my trip.


For my main course I actually decided to have a second appetiser; “Kantarelletoast Med Bacon Och Syrad Rodlok” (135 SEK/$15) Chanterelles on toast with bacon & pickled red onion as I absolutely love wild mushrooms, something that we really don’t see much of in Myanmar, and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to have them here.

The rest of my family chose either “Kalvfilet Anna Lindberg Med Murkelsas Och Potatisgratang” (325 SEK/$36) Veal fillet in morel sauce with potato gratin, named after the original lady who opened the restaurant back in the 17th century, Anna Lindberg, or the “Vildand Med Enbarsgraddsas, Apple, Ronnbasgele Och Rissolepotatis” (295 Sek/$33) Wild Duck with Juniper cream sauce, apple, rowanberry jelly and fried potatoes, both of which were as well received as my delicious chanterelles.


The restaurant has a beautiful ambience as it is spread out over all the series of small, intimate dining rooms in all the different old cellars, perfect for a romantic dinner or special occasion such as this. We did have to wait quite a long time for our main courses as they are clearly a very popular restaurant, booking is essential, I certainly wouldn’t recommend trying to get a table there without one.

+46 8-10 87 75

Sunday – Tuesday 5 p.m. – 11 p.m.
Wednesday – Saturday 5 p.m. – 12 midnight
The kitchen closes one hour earlier.

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