800 Bowls, Mahabandoola & 48th St, Yangon

Regular readers of the blog will by now be familiar with my Xiao Long Bao obsession and until now, my go-to XLB place in Yangon has been Xi Yang Yang but the arrival of 800 Bowls, a Xiao Long Bao, La Mian Noodle restaurant just a few blocks from my house last November meant XLB were suddenly a whole lot more accessible to me, something I was all too keen to investigate.

The menu at 800 Bowls is pretty extensive, from Dim Sum like spring rolls, radish pastries and Shanghai pork buns (2400-4500 MMK) to Fried Rice,  main dishes like Crispy Pork Chop, Kung Pao Chicken & Stir-fried Kai Lan (3,000-7,000 MMK) to Hand Pulled Noodles (4,000-6,600 MMK) made to order in the ground floor open kitchen during service and of course, those all important Xiao Long Bao (4,000-6,000 MMK.)

I was really stuck as to what to order as there is just so much choice but eventually decided to try the Vegetarian La Mian with Black Fungus & Cabbage (4,500 MMK) and a portion of the “ExtremeXiao Long Baos which unbeknownst to me at the time, was a selection of original pork XLB, crab roe and pork with cheese (5,000 MMK)

Now, let me say I definitely mis ordered and should have gone for the La Mian with Minced Meat, which I guess would have been similar to Dan Dan Noodles, or the La Mian with the Pork Chop but I wanted vegetables and knew I wasn’t hungry enough to add in a side of vegetables as well. That said, the noodles were as good as you would expect, with just the right amount of “spring” and bounce and I always love watching Chefs making hand pulled noodles, it really is such a talent!

Onto the XLB, and like fellow bloggers The Greedy Chopsticks, whilst I was impressed with the thin dumpling case and the tasty fillings, (apart from the cheese which was just way too strange! Serves me right from ordering the extreme XLB without checking what that entailed, I had rather hoped it just meant they would have been spicy) the amount of broth inside was rather disappointing, especially as that is where so much of the flavour is.


I personally think Xi Yang Yang edge it slightly over 800 Bowls (the chilli sauce at Xi Yang Yang is better too) and they remain my favourite place for XLB in Yangon however with 800 Bowls being in such close proximity to my house I have a feeling they will see a lot more of me there than they will over in Sanchaung, at least for now!

800 Bowls

Mahabandoola & 48th Street | Unit G06/07, Underneath The Training Ground Gym & Next to KBZ Bank

Daily, 11am-10pm

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  1. Definitely going to have to come over armed with a list full of your posts and eat my way around. All sounds so delish x

  2. Thanks for the shout out! Really good to hear your take on the cheesy XLB (we’re still highly sceptical) and agree they need MORE SOUP!

    1. beirutibrit says:

      Pleasure! The cheese XLB were Not a pleasant surprise! I’m old school with XLB – most adventurous is the pork & chilli crab in Singapore’s Din tai fung, otherwise pork is all they need!

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