Aung Thukha, 17A 1st Street, Yangon

I try to visit the Shwedagon Pagoda every month or so, whether with visiting friends, or to make offerings, and a meal at Aung Thukha afterwards has become an enjoyable part of the “ritual” so to speak.

Located just a short walk away from the Pagoda, Aung Thukha is a wonderful family run restaurant that offers a great variety of Myanmar dishes to try, in a much cleaner and more hygienic environment than some other local restaurants.

They don’t have a menu as such, so when you arrive you just need to find yourself a table and order a drink (they have a selection of canned soft drinks & water as well as local beer) and then when you are ready, make your way to the food counter at the front of the restaurant to choose what you want to eat.

I should point out that the staff generally don’t speak much english so a smattering of Myanmar language will help here. I use my extremely basic skills to point at something and ask what I think it is and wait for the response, I’m never quite 100% sure of what I’m eating but in all honesty thats half the fun! Over the few times I have eaten there I have eaten everything from stir-fried tofu to egg curry, prawn curry and even roe deer , all of which has been extremely tasty!

Here are a few basic words you could use to help make ordering easier:

Nga – Fish

Kyet-tha – Chicken

A’meh-tha  – Beef

Wet-tha – Pork

Beh – Duck

Pazun – Prawns

Pinlehsah – Seafood

Sei-tha – Goat

Kyet-oo Egg

Hta’min – Rice

Thetalo – Vegetarian/Vegan (this means “lifeless” and should exclude fish sauce etc as well)

Bi-ya – Beer

I seem to be terrible of taking photos when I’m at Aung Thukha, as these are the only images I could find!

In the first image, top centre is the complimentary bowl of broth that is served with most Burmese meals, to the right is a portion of stir-fried vegetables, rice, a fishball, lemongrass and tomato curry and lahphet thohk which is also complimentary and can be found on all of the tables inside a little lacquerware bowl. Somewhat unbelievably, even with 2 beers, this came to under 6,000 kyats! ($4.50)

This is from a visit with friends (although I hope that is obvious!) where we really went all out!

Top centre is a roselle and shrimp dish, then you can see the lahphet thohk in the lacquerware box again and a dried spicy fish dish underneath that. The whole fish had been fried and there is a pork curry just underneath it in the photo before moving to the left of the image where you can see prawn curry, the same tomato, fishball and lemongrass curry and a pork and bamboo shoot dish just under the rice. we also ordered a chicken curry, a sticky rice with coconut and peanuts and a wonderfully rich and fragrant goat curry that was so good we ordered a second portion! I really would advise pushing your comfort levels when visiting Myanmar as there are just so many interesting dishes to try that may not immediately strike you as appealing, trust me they are! Dinner here, with beer and water came to $30 in  total!



Open 10am-9pm Daily
01-525 194

17A 1st St (Just Off Dhammazedi/U-Wisara Road) Yangon

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  1. Have such a soft spot for Aung Thukha, used to work just around the corner and it was my daily lunch spot and the ladies there were lovely. Their slightly spicy lentil veggie soup is also a winner!

    1. beirutibrit says:

      Lucky you! I’ll have to give the soup a try! Thanks!

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