Pansuriya, Bogalayzay Street, Yangon.

Another of my favourite Yangon finds is Pansuriya on Bogalayzay street in downtown. This little cafe doubles as an art and photography space and the walls are covered in unique historical photographs of Yangon & its inhabitants from days gone by, as well as artwork by local artists.

The menu has probably the largest selection of Myanmar salads I’ve seen anywhere in town with the Lahphet Thohk Pickled Tea Leaf Salad (2,500 kyats) Eggplant Salad (2,500 kyats) and the Pansuriya Squid Salad (3,500 kyats) being particular favourites of mine, as well as snacks like the Spicy Fried Shan Tofu (2,500 kyats) which is perfect with a fresh juice or glass of wine whilst you look at the menu and decide what else to eat.

Personally, I would skip the noodle and rice dishes, as whilst they are fine, I have had better elsewhere. Save yourself instead for one of their delicious set menus (priced between 7,000-8,500 kyats); Chicken & Potato Curry, Mutton Curry, Beef Curry, Fish Curry, Prawn Curry or Mixed Vegetable Curry, all of which are served with traditional sides and your choice of plain or coconut rice.


This is the Prawn Curry (8,500 kyats) I had on my last visit, served with coconut rice, a clear broth, roast pumpkin, steamed chayote, pennywort salad, raw vegetable crudités and two types of chilli paste, a true feast for less than $6.50!

Keep an eye on their Facebook for upcoming events such as spoken word poetry nights and interesting and informative talks from the growing artist community.

No (102) Bogalayzay street, Botahtaung township
Yangon, Myanmar

09 778 949170

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  1. heyelsale says:

    Looks delicious! 🙂

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