Barnum Cafe, Via del Pellegrino, Rome.

Located on Via del Pellegrino, just a short walk from the Campo de Fiori, was Barnum Cafe, the perfect place for a night cap (or two) after my outstanding meal at Roscioli.

Open from 9am-2am, this little cafe-bar serves excellent espresso until 6pm when the emphasis shifts to cocktails, and very good ones at that!

I found the bar staff to be wonderfully friendly and extremely talented, its been a while since I’ve looked at a cocktail list and pretty much wanted to try all of them (honest!) but that was  certainly the case here. In the end, I decided to put myself in hands of the bar team and sat back to await my fate.

My first cocktail was the Dea Romana (10 Eu) made with Cognac, Mirto (a myrtle liqueur from Sardinia) Porto and Angostura which was just what I had been looking for! The  Angostura lent a lovely spiciness to the drink, whilst the Mirto and the Port added sweetness with the cognac giving it great length and depth.


I asked that my next (and last!) cocktail should be something a little lighter and was steered to their Aperitivi page where I was impressed by the selection of cocktails on offer, from the classic Milano Torino and Spritz to the more unusual cocktails like the Conclave made with Cynar, Gin and Dry Vermouth.

In the end I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try their Negroni “Confuso” (8 EU) with Gin, Campari, Sweet Vermouth, Cherry Liqueur and Chocolate Bitters. I love the bitterness of a good classic Negroni but I must say that added fruitiness from the use of the cherry liqueur and the chocolate was really interesting and certainly one I would try again.


Barnum is a great little bar and one I would highly recommend checking out when in Rome!

Via del Pellegrino 87, Rome, Italy

+39 (0) 664760483


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