Forno, Campo de Fiori, Rome

As you probably all know by now, when it comes to Pizza, I always bow to the better judgement of my pizza fanatic friend D, so choosing where to have breakfast (ok second breakfast) when I was in Rome meant a quick peak at her blog to refresh my memory of where she recommended most highly.

Forno Campo de’Fiori (you can read her blog post here ) is conveniently located in the Campo de Fiori, funnily enough, which although pretty packed with tourists, was still fun to wander around and explore the fruit and vegetable market, pizza slice in hand.

If I had needed any more confirmation that I had come to the right place, it would have been learning that Katie Parla says that as far as Roman style pizza goes, Forno would have to win the competition for the best “Rossa” which was exactly what I had planned to order owing to my lunch plans at Pizzarium Bonci later in the day.

Look how thin the pizza base is!

The pizza rossa at Forno is such a great example of how the best food is often the most simple. Just dough topped with a slow cooked tomato sauce and a pinch of salt, bursting with all the flavour you’d expect from Italian tomatoes in the middle of summer. Good tomatoes like this are something I have really missed since living in Asia, nothing really compares to sweet sun ripened Italian or French tomatoes in their prime.



Forno Campo de’Fiori – Piazza Campo de’ Fiori, +39 06 688 06662, Closed Sun, Sat afternoon in summer

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  1. Godamn that pizza looks good!
    I agree about the simplest things often being the best, I’ll pretty much choose freshly baked bread with oil and vinegar over most things! xo

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