Touche Hombre, 72 The Courtyard, Thonglor, Bangkok

Mexican food lovers of Bangkok rejoice! Touch Hombre (sister restaurant to the restaurant of the same name in Melbourne) is here to spice things up!

Located on the second floor of the newly opened “72 The Courtyard” complex (home to a whole host of great international branded restaurants like Hong Kong’s Little Bao and Brooklyn’s Toro) Touche Hombre is being operated by those talented Sapparot Swedes; brothers Dany & Bennie Sorum as well as Bostonian Jared O’Brien, who also manage the much loved Rocket Coffee Bars, Lady Brett and U.N.C.L.E (which can also be found onsite) and is already pulling in a suitably sexy Thonglor crowd (oh umm and me!)

One can only test a taqueria by the strength of their Tacos; whilst to my mind the Pork Belly from our Tacos “Al Pastor”  (225THB) could have benefitted from a longer cooking time to help break down the belly fat further, the flavours from the anchote chilli sauce were outstandingly authentic and the tacos were a good size and well made. Trying to eat a poorly made taco that disintegrates half way between plate and mouth is never fun and thankfully these didn’t disappoint!

A second order of Tacos, this time the “Polpo Chorizo”(300 THB) showed a similarly good hand with the spice and an interesting blend of arbol chilis & pistachio added depth and flavour.

The Guacamole & Corn Chips (260 THB) was definitely a cut above the usual “chips and dips” found in other Bangkok establishments and I could not get enough of the accompanying chilli sauces (although you have to go a long way to beat the salsa bar at La Monita in Ploenchit when it comes to salsas)
The Kingfish “Laminado” (almost a cross between Sushi and Ceviche) at just 35 THB more (295 THB) was made with sushi grade yellow tail and served with citrus and Aguachile (lime juice, chilis, onion, coriander) and offered a nice zingy refreshment from the tacos.

We had intended to stop there however our charming waitress managed to sweet talk us into trying one of their daily specials “Queso Fundido” a sizzling bowl of gooey melted cheese and chorizo with fresh corn chips, which was as delicious and sinful as its ingredients suggest!

Cocktails are as good as you would hope and there is an extensive Mescal menu, which we did our best to work through as well. They seem to attract a drinking crowd on the outside terrace as well as those wishing to eat, something I can highly recommend!

We tried too many cocktails to go into in much detail (!!!) but highlights included the classic “Margarita Del Tommy” (275 THB) a margarita made with the addition of agave syrup from the famous bar in San Fransisco as well as their own creations like “El Expatriate” (335 THB) with Tequila, Umeshu, Punt e Mes, Tamarind and Lemon.

We spent around 1,300 THB ($40) per person which was good considering the quality of cocktails and service, not to mention the cooking. Whilst Touche Hombre won’t be everyones cup of tea, it will certainly be their shot of tequila and as we all know, that is far more fun!

Touche Hombre
2nd floor, 72 The Courtyard, Thonglor
+66 2 392 7760

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