Xi Yang Yang Xiao Long Bao, Sanchuang, Yangon

If there is a more perfect dish than Xiao Long Bao, then I would like to know about it! I became *moderately* obsessed with these little soup-filled mouthfuls of happiness when I lived in Singapore (Din Tai Fung is definitely up there with one of my all time favourite places to eat) and have made it my mission to track down delicious dumplings wherever possible since then, so when I heard that there was restaurant specialising in XLB just a 20 minute drive away from my house, I knew a visit would have to be in order sooner rather than later!

Xi Yang Yang Xio Long Bao is on Nyaung Tone, an unassuming little side street to the right of Baho Road, just after you cross the Bargaya Road intersection. The dining rooms are split over a couple of floors and as you can see from my photo of the interior, a meal at Xi Yang Yang is about the food alone, not fine interior design!

The menu is a lot bigger than I was expecting, with around 20 different types of dim sum, from Siew Mai to XLB, Potstickers and Wontons in spicy sauce, to Custard Buns, Pumpkin Cake, Fried White Radish and Vegetable Puffs, as well as various Fried Rice dishes, Noodle Soups, Pork Chops and Stir-fried Vegetables and although I had made the mistake of attempting to eat dim sum alone, I was determined to do the menu justice!

In the end, I settled on a small portion of Pork and Crab Roe XLB (2,300 kyats) Spicy Wontons (2,200 kyats) and Cong You Bing (1,800 kyats) a type of scallion pancake that I tried on my street food tour in Shanghai and a large bottle of Myanmar (2,500 Kyats)

The spicy wontons came out from the kitchen first and while they were sadly devoid of the promised spice, there were two types of chilis (the standard thick, dried chilli oil and some sour and spicy chopped green chilis) as part of the optional garnishes which helped bring them closer to the level of spice I had been hoping for. I was happy to see that they had been generous with the filling, which was wonderfully tasty and thankfully non gristly as I had been worried they might be (seriously – how can they make such great food for less than $2 a portion)

Whilst the Cong You Bing was a little heavier than the version I tried in Shanghai, I enjoyed it more than I had thought I would on first appearances, I would definitely add this to the order to share this with friends on future visits.


But it was the Xiao Long Bao I was most excited for and thankfully they did not disappoint! The dumpling “skin” looks a little thick at the top but they were actually perfect, allowing you to chew though the top to add in some ginger and chilli before sucking out the piggy broth inside (I alternated with just popping them into my moth whole – I don’t care if its authentic or not, I like them that way too!)

Xi Yang Yang has leapt straight into my list of favourite places to eat at in Yangon and I can see many, many return visits in the not so distant future! They even sell frozen dumplings so you can buy them to cook at home (well, assuming you have a stove and pans that is – my “kitchen” is still sadly lacking in that department!)
Xi Yang Yang

No. 4 Nyaung Tone St





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  1. Your blog is terrible for my hunger levels! This all sounds incredible! I’m pretty new to Bao (literally only had some steamed buns and dim sum) so am yet to try this version but i’ve heard such incredible things, and i mean soup and pasta? what’s not to love! xo

    1. beirutibrit says:

      Let me know next time you are up in London and I’ll recommend some places to go x

  2. Great review, do love Xi Yang Yang… but have you tried 800 bowls yet? Think their xiao long bao are possibly better! Reviewed them here but would love to hear what you think though! http://thegreedychopsticks.com/2017/01/08/the-battle-of-the-xiao-long-bao-where-to-find-the-best-soup-dumplings-in-yangon/

    1. beirutibrit says:

      I liked 800 bowls but I think xi yang yang club are better personally – that said I’d go back again, especially as 800 bowls is more local to me.

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