Elephants For Education, Human and Hope Association, Cambodia.

Between 1975 and 1979 an estimated 2 million people were killed in Cambodia under the Khmer Rouge. The regime specifically targeted “intellectuals” and as a result Cambodia lost most of their educated population. Whilst education has come on in leaps and bounds over the past few years, 20% of the Cambodian population live beneath the poverty line and 1 in 4 adults over the age of 15 are illiterate.

The Human and Hope Association is a Siem Reap based NGO that focusses on empowering methods of development, as opposed to direct aid, in order that the community is able to move out of poverty by taking control of their futures through initiatives such as the soon-to-launch Elephants for Education  campaign.

They will be raising money through the online sales of the beautiful, hand stitched elephants you can see in the photos at the bottom of my post with the proceeds being used to help fund their 2017 education programs, including pre-school education, as well as English, Khmer and art lessons. Prices start at just $25 (which includes shipping to Australia) making it a really affordable way to support a great grass roots charity initiative, as well as getting a unique and wonderful Cambodian piece of craftwork in return. There are also “virtual” online E-elephants available for purchase so even if you don’t live in Australia you can still make a valuable contribution.

Elephants for Education launches on July 27th and runs for one month. Human and Hope are targeting to raise $15,000 in order to meet their education targets for 2017. Elephants can be purchased via the Human and Hope website 

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