Rau Ram, Yay Kyaw Rd, Yangon

With Port Autonomy being one of my favourite restaurants in Yangon, you can only imagine how happy how I was to learn that the owners were opening a new restaurant, Rau Ram, just a couple of blocks from my new apartment.

Styled as a Modern Asian Brasserie, your eyes are immediately drawn to the beautiful hand stitched wall paper –  made especially in Hong Kong no less – as you enter the restaurant and the handprinted palm trees adorning the main walls of the dining room.

The menu is made up of a selection of Asian dishes, heavily slanted towards Vietnam at present, although I have heard that the menu will change relatively frequently to incorporate more dishes from elsewhere too.

On my first visit, it has to be said that I was not blown away by my Ca Cuon Thit (8,000/$7) Vietnamese Style Pork and Fish Cakes although the Black Sticky Rice Pudding (6,000/ $5) with Mango and Coconut Gelato was an absolute showstopper and left me keen to visit again to try more.

On my next visit I ordered the Khanom Chin, Thai style Rice Noodles with Fish Curry Sauce (12,000/ $10) one of my favourite dishes to eat when I lived in Bangkok and happily the Rau Ram version did not disappoint. Beautifully garnished with all the accompaniments you might need, from fish balls to pineapple and fist-fulls of fresh herbs, the Chef presented the dish to me and waited whilst I took a photo (he volunteered OK?! They are well aware of how good it looks) before mixing the sauce into the noodles, I guess ensuring that you eat it the correct way?


Cocktails are fun, think Pina Coladas in Coconut Shell Cups, and well priced at 6,000 ($5) with Wine starting at 7,000 ($6) The restaurant attracts a nice mixture of well heeled locals and expats of all ages and there is a distinctly buzzy ambience making it a fun place to visit. A great addition to the neighbourhood!

Rau Ram

64B Yay Kyaw Rd

+95 9455160657


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