Pages Cafe, Siem Reap.

I had heard lots of positive things about Pages and I have visited on several occasions since returning to Siem Reap from Sri Lanka, allowing me to put together a small post based on the “best bits” of what I have eaten there for you to see.

Pages serves food from 7am-10pm, from Asian and Western breakfasts, to chilled soups, salads, sandwiches and a really nice selection of finger food, perfect for enjoying with a glass of wine either at lunch or in the evening when I often seem to have the small cafΓ© to myself at this time of year.

On my first visit I decided to try one of their “Mezze” offers of 3 salads or soups for $4.25.  Little glass bowls of Green Lentil Salad, Carrot Salad and a chilled Courgette and Spinach Soup were all perfectly portioned and served with a small basket of freshly baked bread on the side. Simplicity is the key word here and whilst I found the soup a little “thick”, both the carrot and lentil salads were lovely.

On my return later that week I tried the second of their mezze offers of any 4 finger foods or toasts for $10. I probably should have guessed from the pricing that this is designed to be shared as it is simply too much for one to handle but I liked the varied selection of dishes it allowed me to try. Generally speaking, 2 of the fingerfoods or “things on toast” are enough for a light meal, or the first mezze selection of soup and salad can be made into more of a substantial meal by adding a dish from the fingerfood menu which is what I have started to do more frequently.

There is no shortage of delicious looking dishes on the menu to choose from and it took me a fair amount of time to settle on the pork and vegetable dumplings, falafel with cruditΓ©s and both the mackerel rillettes and mushrooms and chimichurri on toast. 

Whilst the casing for the dumplings is a little thick, the filling is very pleasant, as is the chilli, soy and ginger dipping sauce they are served with and I enjoyed them, as I did the falafel and mushrooms and chimichurri on toast. It was, however, the mackerel rillettes that I enjoyed the most. The rich oily mackerel was nicely complemented by the tang of the cornichons, mustard and the white wine it had been combined with to make them into a sort of rillettes consistency. Delicious! 

Other finger foods include little filo pastry wrapped “cigars” (or I suppose they are cigarillos really) of feta and mint, not far removed from the Lebanese rakakat, hummus sprinkled with paprika and served with cruditΓ©s and a nutty walnut bread as well as the unusual vegetable “accras”, a sort of mixed vegetable tempura with  sweet chilli dipping sauce on the side.

I love the bright 60’s inspired interiors – look at those floor tiles! – and the furniture doesn’t just look good, it’s surprisingly comfy too. I would be interested to try a night in their neighbouring guest house (with its 9 rooms running at anything from $65 to $100 at this time of year) on a staycation at some point too as the rooms seem to have had as much thought put into the design as the cafe itself and they look like a lovely place to base yourself for a couple of days. 

Keep your eyes peeled for their frequent events that are posted up on their Facebook page, including a weekend bbq and pool party and wine events in the evening.

Street 24, Wat Bo, Siem Reap
Tel: +855 (0)63 966 812
Fax: +855 (0)63 966 813

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