Galle Market Photos, Sri Lanka.

I know I have already posted Sri Lankan market photos, but when the markets are as good as this – who can really blame me?

We visited the market in Galle as part of our excellent cooking class at Deco on 44  with Chef Mendis who is a fantastic source of information on all the local produce, from how to source it, to how to use it best.

Those first photos were taken at the new market which is just next to the old fish market along the main road as you head through Galle into Galle Fort.

I love the vibrant colours! These are from the “Old Dutch Market”, the main fruit and vegetable market in Galle just a couple of streets away. Don’t miss a visit to the fantastic Yasiru spice shack which is just outside the front.

We visited the fish market along the seafront on this occasion – I was surprised to see that this was where most of the fish vendors were as last time we visited they were based elsewhere. Well I say “market” in the loosest sense of the word as it was more a case of pitching a tarpaulin on the floor and tipping buckets of fish on top when they were bought in from the boats. The quality was certainly a bit mixed but I was really impressed with the beautiful yellow tipped shrimp as I have never seen these before – does anyone know what variety they are? I would love to know.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Danielle says:

    I really loved taking the pictures of the market when we went together, especially the fish section 🙂

    1. beirutibrit says:

      It is a great little market isn’t it? Yes it was a lot of fun x

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