Err “Urban Rustic” Thai Restaurant, Bangkok.

When Chefs Bo and Dylan from Bangkok’s Bolan restaurant were in Siem Reap earlier this year I was excited to learn that they were in the process of opening their second Bangkok restaurant; so excited in fact that I managed to squeeze in a long, leisurely lunch when I was back earlier last month on my lightning visit (less than 24 hours) to Bangkok.

Whilst Bolan is focussed on multi course dining, Err is a more casual and relaxed experience – they describe it as being “Urban Rustic” – with most of the menu designed to be “drinking snacks” as well as a selection of one pot dishes like Khanom Jeen “Geng Krau Sii Krong Moo”; a Southern Thai Pork Rib Curry with Rice Noodles.

In keeping with the “Urban Rustic” feel, Err is not located in a chi-chi area of Bangkok like Thonglor or Siam but down along the river in Bangkok Old Town, just next to Pak Klong Talad Flower Market which means getting there is half the fun! As I was coming straight from the airport (told you I was keen!) I decided it was just going to be easiest to get a taxi straight there, but Err is really best accessed by the local River Boats along the Chao Praya (the closest stop is “Tha Thien”)  which was how we travelled home afterwards.

The exposed brickwork, graffiti and painted murals add to the urban feel whilst the inside is “cluttered” with bits and bobs to give the idea that you are almost in the front living room of a local shophouse; I half expected a random Thai Auntie to come wandering out in her day pyjamas as we were eating, which just adds to the charm.

Dylan and Bo have long championed using small, independent, local suppliers and I really liked the focus on using local craft spirits and alcohol wherever possible; from “Lamai” and “Chalong Bay” Rums to “Niikki Rice Spirit and the Corn based “Mha Jai dam Loa Kuay Kuay” as well as regional beers like Singha, Leo and Beer Lao. With this said, it would have been rude not to start with a  cocktail and so I decided to try their eponymous cocktail, “Err“, made with Chalong Bay rum, fresh passion fruit and chili, for the extremely reasonable price of 180 THB whilst I looked at the menu to try to narrow down what I wanted to eat.

The menu is handily arranged into sub-headings like “Pickled”, “Preserved”, “Charcoal Grill” and “Crunchy and Crispy” and having enjoyed several pickled dishes at Bolan I thought this would be as good a place as any to start.

My first two dishes were “Pak Dong Ruam” 5 skewers of Siamese Pickled Pincho and “Met Tang Mor” some delicious Freshly Toasted Watermelon Seeds with Kefir Lime Leaves from the “crunchy and crispy” menu. I loved the scented kefir lime flavour and the hit of fresh chili too, they really wake up your taste buds! I enjoyed them so much that I ordered another portion when my friend Nianne joined me later and I reckon I could have easily have snacked on about a Kg of them they were just THAT good!

Next up was the “Nang Kai Tort” described in English as “Chicken Movie with home-made See- ra- cha sauce” crunchy, golden, deep-fried chicken skin with a miniature bottle of their homemade chilli sauce. Perfect “drinking” food, and with that in mind I moved onto another cocktail, the “Chao Pra Ya” at 250 THB, made with “Khan” sticky rice spirit, ginger vodka, aromatic bitters and mandarin juice.

The last snacks that I tried were “Pak Kaat Dong” – beautifully picked mustard greens with chili & fish sauce, and a sort of Thai style arancini, “Khao Tort Pla Insri Kem” made with preserved mackerel, which had almost dissolved into the little balls of fried rice.

Nianne wasn’t all that hungry when she arrived so we only had a couple more dishes between us, “Si Krong Moo Bar Bee Que” – sticky, sweet glazed China town style BBQ pork ribs and “Ma Kue Yao”  a wonderfully silky pot of steamed egg with rich, juicy aubergine and claypot style pork on top. I loved how all of the flavour combinations of the dishes that I tried were so very different from each other; they have put together a great menu that you just want to sit and graze on as you while away the afternoon (as we did!)

Err is a great place to head to for a long lazy lunch or after work drinks and snacks. I would definitely recommend to visit now while you can still get a table as once the word is out, I am sure it will be a huge success! (*as of late July they were not yet accepting credit cards so take cash or check if they have a credit card machine before you arrive)

Err Rustic Urban Thai

Maharat/Pansuk Alley (their website has a great map)

Rattanakosin, Bangkok

Tel : 02 224 6251 , 02 622 2291 – 2

4 Comments Add yours

  1. OMG this place is awesome. Thanks for posting this. Will be following your blog a lot 🙂

    1. beirutibrit says:

      Thanks 🙂 it is a great restaurant – lovely food & great cocktails too. Have you been to their other restaurant Bolan?

  2. Amy M says:

    Looks delicious (although i’m yet to see a post where the content is anything less!)
    Love that places are starting to move away from Sukhumvit and into other areas – I loved evenings along the river (and not just because it was easiest for us to get too 😉 ) xo

    1. beirutibrit says:

      Such a fab little place Amy, will be a huge hit I’m sure 😍

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