Luang Prabang Morning Market, Laos.

I couldn’t finish my posts on my trip to Luang Prabang without showing you how lovely their main morning market is. The market is located in the small alleys between the “Main St”  Rue Sisavangvong and the Mekong River and is best visited in the early morning, we were there by 8am, which meant it wasn’t too crazy hot and the vendors still had plenty of their most exciting goods on display!   

Regular readers will know how much I love visiting local markets and this was no exception! Look at all the lovely green, leafy vegetables and herbs! I suppose it is hardly surprising with Luang Prabang being as verdant as it is that they have such beautiful produce available.

So many different types of mushrooms! Some stalls sold fresh mushrooms whilst others seemed to only sell the dried or preserved versions, all delicious no doubt. I really enjoyed the Hmong mushroom dips that I tried when I was there as well as the dried mushrooms that made their way into the bar snacks i tried along with Khaiphaen and crispy pork scratching’s

Plenty of different fruits and vegetables are available in the market as well as lots and lots of chilli’s.

And a few photos of the stall holders and market shoppers – I always try my best to ask if I can take photographs of people when I travel but a few “candid” images have snuck in here too. I hope these gave you a little insight into the market in Luang Prabang. I’d love to hear where the best markets you have visited were down in the comments – do let me know!

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  1. wdouglas14 says:

    So many vegetables there that I don’t even recognise. Intriguing!

    1. beirutibrit says:

      Thanks for reading! I love seeing the different produce available in local markets when I travel – so much fun!

  2. Great photos and post. When I visited, I must admit that I didn’t pay close attention to the incredible variety of fruits, veggies, and herbs on sale. Your excellent photo mosaics really bring it home, and remind me again how cool the Luang Prabang market really is. ~James

    1. beirutibrit says:

      Thanks James! I loved how descriptive your post was 😍

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