Flow Food and Wine, Street 26, Siem Reap.

Expat Facebook groups always make me cringe, but here in Siem Reap they are one of the main forms of “advertising” for local restaurants and bars, and are a great way to keep abreast of new openings, upcoming promotions and events. It was on one of these such group pages, a few months ago, that I learnt about the opening of Flow Food and Wine and made a mental note to get around to trying it out when I had the time.

The stylish new restaurant, housed in the old premises of El Camino on street 26, is the latest restaurant from Bruce and Kethana Dunnet of Sugar Palm and with a former chef from “Il Forno” heading up the kitchen, the menu has taken on an interesting Pan-European feel to it with some of the Sugar Palm signature dishes also available.

Flow Food and Wine opens from 4pm daily (closed on Sundays) and is designed with a view to guests being able to join for drinks and bar snacks – think spicy aubergine dip with pita bread or a charcuterie platter with Parma ham, salami, chorizo and smoked chicken with homemade bread and olives – as well as a full dinner with appetizers including an exotic sounding octopus carpaccio with prawns, watermelon and pomelo salad or pan seared scallops with bacon and asparagus and mains of slow cooked beef cheeks with mashed potato or pan seared tuna with fennel and orange salad.

I decided to start with homemade pork rillettes ($6), which has to be one of my favourite dishes, and the Flow version did not disappoint. Artfully presented on a small wooden board with olives, mustard and pickles and a generous side of homemade bread, the rillettes were perfectly seasoned and pleasingly fatty without being too rich, the perfect accompaniment to a chilled glass of white wine (available from just $3 a glass)

For my main course, I chose their daily special of homemade beetroot pasta ($8) with bacon, mushroom and parmesan which was as good as you would expect from someone who had previously worked in the kitchens at Il Forno. The tangle of beetroot pasta (cooked al dente of course) was tossed with sautéed local mushrooms and salty strips of bacon in a lovely buttery sauce, again perfectly seasoned with lots of fresh black pepper and just a sprinkling of parmesan.

Flow is definitely somewhere I would return to, it would be great to gather a group of friends for drinks in the comfy bar area and share all those tasty sounding appetizers, it would also be a lovely “date night” location and is perfect for the tourist or expat who is looking for a relaxed but sophisticated night out here in Siem Reap.

Flow Food and Wine, House 13, Street 26 (opposite the old Peace Café)

+855 63 639 5858

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