Long’s Bar, Doung Hem Street, Siem Reap

Having opened only in January, Long’s bar (named after its owner, Mr. Long) is one of Siem Reaps newest bars and they are fast making a name for themselves as a result of their delicious Khmer inspired cocktails, not to mention their Boozy ice cream floats

Their cocktail list is short and sweet listing just 6 House Cocktails, from a Pineapple, Cinnamon Margarita to the Kampot Pepper Martini with an additional 4 Boozy Ice Cream Floats which includes the brilliantly named “Dirty Shirley” –  a twist on the non alcoholic Shirley Temple – with Amaretto and Vodka as well as cherries, vanilla ice cream and sprite.

Cocktails are very decent for $3.50, I have tried both the Watermelon Mojito as well as the Kampot Pepper Martini (tasty but curiously sweet) and friends have tried everything from the refreshing gin based Pomelo Basil infusion to the Mango Vodka, Coconut and Orange Crush and of course how could we not try that Dirty Shirley? I must confess that I’ve never tried an ice cream float before and probably wouldn’t order one again ( I have this weird phobia about using sprite/coke as a mixer – just wrong!) but it was certainly a fun drink to try and the flavours definitely worked – what’s not to love about vanilla ice cream, amaretto and cherries after all?! All in all, Long’s is a great little bar for escaping the chaos of Pub street. The bar really benefits from having lovely air con and the industrial style décor also seems to add to overall cooling effect with its clean and uncluttered lines. The minimalist shipping palate furniture is a lot comfier than it looks and the great music playlist also adds to the appeal – it’s certainly a nice place to relax over a chilled glass of wine or beer even if cocktails aren’t you thing.

  • Long’s Bar, Doung Hem St (Between Street 7 and The Lane) Siem Reap
  • Open Daily 5pm – 1am
  • +855 12 447 363

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