The Hashi, Siem Reap.

By all accounts, Hashi is said to be one of the best restaurants in Siem Reap and after a few meals there over the last couple of weeks I can see certainly see why it is held in such high regard.

Whilst the restaurant specializes in sushi and sashimi, the menu lists a wide variety of Japanese dishes from Ramen to Robatayaki as well as Shabu Shabu – served for 2 with a choice of US Rib eye for $36 or Pork for $28 –  and three styles of steak preparations; “Wafu” Teppanyaki or Teriyaki with a 150 gram Wagyu steak coming in at a fairly reasonable $35 or $89 for 150 grams of Kobe beef.

They source the salmon for their sushi and sashimi  from as far away as Norway with other fish being sourced everywhere from the Philippines (Tuna) to Japan with local shrimp, squid and snapper from Shianoukville also being used.

I was impressed by the scallop and shrimp “Nigiri Sushi”. The “Hotate” ($6) were laudable not only for their sweetness but their size as well, whilst the local “Ebi” ($3) were as also noteworthy. The texture of the sushi rice also showed an experienced kitchen.

Shiromi Usuzukiri” – finely sliced sashimi made from the aforementioned snapper from Shianoukville was served with a ponzu dressing on  the side. The snapper had a good texture, soft but with a little bite, perfect for this delicate preparation and the zingy ponzu cut through it nicely.

On my return visit I decided to stick with the sushi and ordered their “Rock and Roll Maki Sushi” ($8.50)  described as being made with avocado, asparagus and crispy rock shrimp. I was a little surprised when it was served  it was filled and topped with additional ingredients including salmon, especially as this is not one of my favourite fish when it comes to sushi. Having said that, I actually rather enjoyed it! The generous eight piece portion size, along with a wakame salad ($5.50) was more than enough for dinner which left me feeling quite virtuous too!

The Hashi

T: +855 63 969 007
#86, Sivutha Blvd (opposite Lucky Mall)
Siem Reap

Open Daily: Lunch 11:00-15:00, Dinner 18:00-23:00

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  1. I love how beautiful sushi looks, but i’m just not it’s biggest fan for taste (although i’m told it tastes completely different when you have it insanely fresh) xx

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