26th Street “Zhei” Market, Yangon, Burma.

Without a doubt one of my favourite sights in Yangon was the open air market that runs the length of 26th street. As I was up and about early in order to make the most of the cool mornings, I arrived early enough to catch people doing their morning shop and was able to have a good old nosey around some of the more unusual stalls on offer before grabbing breakfast from one of the street food stalls.

I loved how ordered some of the stalls were – look at the display of carrots and peppers and the one of the courgettes!

Then you had the meats and fish

Random tofu and vegetable selections and of course chillis of all kinds

Street views

And finally, these little split pea pancakes that I snacked on for breakfast – a bit oily (as can often be the case with Burmese food) but very delicious indeed

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