Exploring Klong Toey Market.

We recently hosted some guest chefs from London at work and one of the things they were most looking forward to doing in Bangkok was visiting a local market so in order to maximise this, I decided to take them to Klong Toey market; the largest wet market in Bangkok.

Located just off the Rama IV road, Klong Toey is virtually an entire market village; with everything from fresh meats and fish to vegetables, fruits, household goods, clothes and more for sale inside its warren like maze of streets.

If you are going to visit Klong Toey market you should aim to visit as early as possible – it is open daily from around 2am and when we arrived by 7:30am some stall holders had already closed up and gone home for the day! Visiting early also has the added benefit of meaning all the market produce is fresher – I was impressed with how clean the market was (in general) and thankfully whilst it was a bit of an assault on the sense as there was just so much to look at and take in, my olfactory senses were happily unaffected! It is definitely an interesting place to visit for a true look at Bangkok life!

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