Afterglow Vegan Restaurant, Keong Saik St. Singapore

After my friend’s wedding (well the legal ‘signing papers’ part as they were calling it – the real wedding is the week after next in France) they held a lovely reception at L’Aiglon bar on Neil Road. I had been planning to sneak off and decorate their house with “Mr& Mrs” and “Newly Wed” banners and so when our friend Amy decided she was going to head off in search of Vegan food I went with her under the pretense of joining her for a meal.

Except by then it was all rather a lot of fun and the idea of heading all the way back to their house to decorate was looking less appealing (I’m a terrible friend!) so I did actually end up joining her and my other friend DT for a quick bite to eat at Afterglow, a newish” industrial chic” vegan restaurant on Keong Saik street before heading back to join the others for more cocktails.

The menu at Afterglow is termed as “Farm to Table” using local, eco-friendly ingredients wherever possible and I was actually very impressed with the dishes on offer; from the “Quinoa-strone” you guessed it, a spin on Minestrone to Raw Zucchini Linguine with coriander pesto and tomato sauce, not to mention desserts like the Chocolate Orange Semifreddo Cake with raw cacao.

In the end, Amy chose the “Raw Taco Bowl “($16) with salsa, avocado, marinated walnut “meat” and cashew cream whilst DT chose their “Deconstructed Sushi Bowl” ($16) with seasonal pickles, shitake mushrooms, avocado and miso dressing. I wasn’t all that hungry but was aware that this was going to be the full extent of dinner so after a lot of umming and ahhing I eventually settled on the “Afterglow Kimchi Nori Rolls” ($12 for 6 pieces) made with 7 day aged kimchee and ground cashew nuts in place of the rice.

I must say I was really impressed with my nori rolls, of course with an ingredient like kimchee it is going to be packed full of flavour no matter what, but the addition of the cashew was really interesting and they packed a good hit of spice! I would definitely happily eat these again. It was the use of nuts that also had the biggest impact on Amy’s taco bowl too with the cashew cream dressing really bringing the dish together, the different textures of all the ingredients also made it much more interesting than a normal salad (although I’m not sure anything can beat a real taco!) DT was similarly impressed with her “sushi” bowl, the use of the black rice gave it a more interesting texture than normal and the dressing had a good kick to it, we both agreed that whilst it wasn’t the sort of place we’d head back to on our own steam, if we had a veggie/vegan friend with us we would happily do so.

Afterglow also has a small shop were you can buy on trend ingredients like quinoa, chia seeds, organic toiletries and raw cacao and is also licensed, so you can enjoy a drink with your meal but at $22 for a bottle of beer  I was happy to stick with the iced water. Admittedly it’s very good beer – from Norways Nøgne ø brewery no less – but still $22 is more than I am happy to pay! Cold pressed juices such as spinach, beetroot and pineapple are also available from $6 up. The rest of the pricing seemed more than fair enough by Singapore standards and you can really see how much effort they put into all their dishes, their creativity is certainly impressive and Vegan food has come a long way since I toyed with veganism some 20 years ago which can only be a good thing.

Phone: +65 6224-8921

Afterglow, 24 Keong Saik Rd. Singapore, 089131 Singapore

*Vegans/Vegetarian readers might be interested to know that Amy found this restaurant, along with many on her trip around S.E Asia with the help of a vegetarian/vegan friendly website – also downloadable as an app – something that I was very impressed with.

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