My Week In Food.

This is another Singapore/Bangkok “Week In Food” and even more excitingly, next week will be a Bangkok/UK week as I prepare for my 3 week holiday to the UK, France and Portugal! But before we get onto that, Singapore was great! I was delighted to be able to celebrate my friend’s wedding on Monday and then got to spend a lazy day, mostly in my hotel room on Tuesday before heading back to Bangkok and a huge pile of work all needing to be finished before I make my next trip overseas.

This was my breakfast at Prego at the Fairmont Singapore on Monday morning. More than most places, Singapore has to accommodate for very differing tastes in cuisine and most hotel breakfasts will have a good selection of Indian, Chinese and Local food items as well as Japanese and all the regular European/western dishes you might expect. I headed straight to the Indian corner for these Vada – a sort of rice flour dumpling – Sambar curry sauce, Lime Pickle and a Roti Prata. Being able to eat Indian food at breakfast is something I love, even if it does send you off into a carb induced lull afterwards!

I stopped in at Luke Mangan’s Salt Tapas on my way to the wedding ceremony for a quick bite as I wasn’t too sure what the plans where for later on. These are some Manchego and Jamon Croquetas and Tempura Prawn Tacos. It’s funny as I remember the first time I had the tacos I wasn’t overly wowed but this time they were completely different with plenty of flavour coming from the sweet prawns and pineapple and a good kick of chilli coming from the sauce too, a very happy little lunch!

This was my breakfast the second day, a little bit healthier as long as you don’t count the hollandaise! Apple Salad with Mixed Leaves, Sunflower and Pumpkin Seeds and then there is the muffin with a perfectly Poached Egg and Hollandaise sauce on top. They also had a lovely selection of healthy juices alongside all the regular orange/grapefruit/apple/pineapple with my dark green juice being made with Kiwi, Grapefruit and Kale amongst others – very unusual but really very good!

 I was actually feeling pretty rough by the end of the week which culminated in me spending most of the weekend in bed, shivering with a fever as you may imagine, which SHOCK HORROR had a big impact on my appetite and so I didn’t get around to eating all that much. This was one of the few lunches I managed back at work, a Salad of Shaved Zucchini ( I hate the fact that this word is now interchangeable with courgette for me!) with walnuts and gruyere dressed in a lemon vinaigrette. Simple but fresh and pretty tasty although not a patch on the zucchini salad at Appia.

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