My Week in Food.

After more and more salads at work (you can literally cut and paste the last few weeks salads in here!) I was very happy that this week gave me an opportunity to head out for some great dinners including the excellent Forest Foods dinner at Seven Spoons where their chef incorporated foraged items from Thailand and neighbouring South-East Asian countries into a fantastic 5 course tasting menu which was paired alongside some equally fantastic (and unusual) beers from Beervana

First though I had to head to Opposite Mess Hall to pay for my tickets for this weeks upcoming Crab Boil. I couldn’t leave without having a proper meal though, each time I eat here I am reminded of just how good the cooking really is. Okra is a tricky vegetable but since moving to Singapore and then Thailand it is something I have come to realise can be utterly delicious if prepared correctly. The tempura okra here was just fantastic and I really loved the yuzu tartar sauce it was paired with.  The other image here is a locally produced burrata with ethically sourced caviar, pickled radishes and artichokes which was also absolutely delicious.

I was lucky enough to be invited to the first birthday of Thonglor bar “Perfume” by my friend Anna where one of the more unusual cocktails on offer was encased in a white chocolate sphere and topped with more caviar! Somehow the sweetness of the white chocolate and the saltiness of the caviar was a very successful pairing – it really worked!

After drinks we headed to Bellinos for a bottle of wine and one of their tapas platters of beetroot , tzatziki, chorizo, toum and pita bread. If you haven’t been to Bellinos I can heartily recommend it, their wine list is very well priced and I love all the great bar snacks on offer.

Onto my Seven Spoons dinner – I will post a full write up later this week but the dessert was just so good I wanted to include it here too. “Goats Cheese Cheesecake with Himalayan Honey” so light and airy it was unlike any other cheesecake I have tried. The Himalayan honey was a revelation, you can see how the honey is collected here I was really impressed with how thoughtful the whole menu was, they definitely did this wonderful ingredient justice and there was some serious cooking on display. The beer pairing was a Deschutes “Freshly Squeezed IPA” which had lovely citrus notes and was a great match for the dessert.

Chicken Noodle Soup made a welcome return to the buffet at work, this time with a lovely dark, rich broth. I added a good spoonful of garlic oil in with the noodles and then the regular herbs and chilli dose!

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