My Week In Food.

Now that I have made most of my restaurant bookings for my London trip next month (you can’t be surprised I’m this prepared for eating now can you?) It is beginning to dawn on me 1. How expensive this is going to be and 2. How many calories I am going to consume. With this playing heavily on my mind, here is this weeks “Week in Food”

We seemed to have a surplus of chickpeas this week, not  a problem for me as I cannot get enough of them! Here they are in a salad with salad greens, feta, carrot, sweet corn , olives, sun blush tomato and dried chilli flakes. A tasty salad and one that is great at filling you up until dinner.

This is basically a combination of chargrilled carrots (delicious – far better than boiled or steamed) along with broccoli, tofu, baby aubergines, chilli’s (of course) and nam pla phrik (fish sauce with sliced chilli) I love all the different textures here from the crunchy carrot to the silken tofu and the fish sauce really perked up the taste no end.

After indulging somewhat in all the gorgeous cocktails and piggy things at Vesper I was delighted that the next day gave me the opportunity to have mieng kham – betel leaves that you top with a tamarind sauce, coconut, raw onion, galangal, dried shrimp, peanuts, chilli and lime. This has to be one of my favourite Thai dishes – each mouthful is a flavour bomb!

I was also happy that wild rice made a return to our menu – this was my dinner of wild rice salad with extra avocado which was just perfect for my post gym dinner. I love the crunchy, nuttiness of wild rice and with its extra veggies and light citrus dressing this was one of my favourite meals of the week.

Ok this one wasn’t so healthy but it was still very good! On Saturday I was invited to dinner at my friend Jacobs house. We started with dates and figs wrapped in bacon and lots of yummy dips with fresh bread and then moved on to this aubergine parmigiana with salad. It was a really fun night and I got to meet a lot of interesting new people, always fun!

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